1TB in the cloud forever! - Profit Hunter

I will not write many words.

Mail. ru gives everyone 1TB in their cloud forever. To get the coveted space, you need to register (who is not registered yet) and install the cloud application on a smartphone or on a PC. After installing the application, you will need to log in through the PC to your account and you will see a message with congratulations.

Get a terabyte!

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1TB in the cloud forever! - Profit Hunter


  1. Yes, shit is their cloud, upload the necessary files there and then they will delete everything. Not reliable services for them.

  2. mail. ru already deleted information from their services.

  3. RIMINY, give proof of removal, pliz.

  4. The cloud is still raw, but I will not write to the support service, “but how to do this or that” answers “this functionality is not available at the moment”.
    A 1 TB was given, this is true.

  5. I found out too late, now they give only 100 GB. But if you think about the sales it is much more than other similar services.

  6. Yeah, you upload all your files, and after a year they accidentally delete them and then look for their fistulas ...

  7. if this mail. ru was as stable as a google drive or at least a dropbox, and the FIG knows it, it works, and tomorrow the government will close it

  8. It’s a pity I didn’t manage to use it
    Podskzhite, who had cases that the data disappeared?

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