156 sites for earnings on the Internet on the Internet without investments

Before you start building a career on the Internet, you need to decide on the type of activity.

Many interesting projects have been created for moneymakers, with each of them people earn in different ways. But there are scammers, so do not grab at every "profitable" offer.

The best sites for making money on the Internet without investments I have already determined for myself. For several years of remote work, I had to register on thousands of resources, but not all of them turned out to be of high quality. Therefore, I advise beginners to take the time to make a choice, and look for systems on which they themselves will enjoy working.

156 sites for earnings on the Internet on the Internet without investments

Which sites for earnings on the Internet should be used?

Other blogs on a similar topic already have sites for earnings on the Internet without investment for all people.

Sometimes authors share information about systems they don’t use themselves, some share links to scam, someone keeps back on reefs. All this causes some problems for beginners.

In the selection on this page will be presented only those services that personally bring me income. That is, I have already checked them, and if you do not trust my opinion, when choosing a site to earn money, rely on several important factors:

  • the lifetime of the system;
  • reviews of other users;
  • amount of payments;
  • examples of payments on the Internet;
  • number of users;
  • profitability of work.

The most important thing is not to fall for the bait of intruders. They will assure that in one day and with minimal investment, it is realistic to collect huge sums through the Internet. Be realistic, if everything was so simple, then why would anyone even talk about it at all and why we are not surrounded by some millionaires.

Remote work has many advantages, so the best sites for making money on the Internet are information that is in high demand. Be careful, look for projects where you will be comfortable working and, not relying on someone else's opinion, decide whether to register in a particular system.

156 sites for earnings on the Internet without investments

Now you will receive a huge list of services with which I have been working for more than a year. For convenience, they are divided into several types. Consider the 11 most popular areas of remote earnings:

Earnings on clicks in boxes, completing tasks and viewing ads.

It is the hardest to start, so do not overstate the bar too high. It is better to try with something simple, otherwise the desire to actively work, evaporate.

Clicking sponsors are used to carry out the easiest of assignments. They always have available orders, there is no competition here, as advertisers order numerous executions:

156 sites for earnings on the Internet on the Internet without investments

Who does not know how to register in games, put likes, click on ads? All newcomers cope with such actions, and here they pay for it. Let not so much, but then the work is elementary. In addition, there are systems where incentives are paid for simply watching ads:

  1. Socpublic is an old book, but after a recent update, it has become more and more popular. Payments in several payments, over a million registrations and 30 million payments.
  2. 156 sites for earnings on the Internet on the Internet without investments
  3. - there are easy tasks, but this is not the main feature of the system. After registration, you can download a plugin for your browser, it opens a small banner when you visit any sites and bonuses are awarded for this.
  4. 156 sites for earnings on the Internet on the Internet without investments
  5. is a similar system, but there are no tasks in it. The extension is installed on any browser platforms, instead of a banner, a block is added to the header of the site (you need to wait for the timer to expire).
  6. - follow the easy tasks of Yandex and earn real money! Sekrvis pays for Yandex Money, PayPal, Skrill.
  7. Seosprint is the best site for making money on the Internet without investing, according to most newbies. They pay in rubles, it works for a long time, there are more orders here than at once on several similar sites.
  8. 156 sites for earnings on the Internet on the Internet without investments
  9. - more than 43 million rubles are withdrawn from here by users. This site was opened in 2012, but many of the analogues, opened even earlier, did not have time to pay the same amount of funds.
  10. 156 sites for earnings on the Internet on the Internet without investments
  11. Wmmail is the best earnings site without investments, I started with it. There are tasks, average prices are decent, as payment in dollars. In addition, good money raise copywriters to sell articles.
  12. 156 sites for earnings on the Internet on the Internet without investments
  13. - due to the lack of a minimum salary for withdrawal of funds, this booklet is ideal for beginners. Even a couple of rubles can be withdrawn and ensure the integrity of the site, and if there is no wallet, transfers to the phone number are used.
  14. 156 sites for earnings on the Internet on the Internet without investments
  15. - once this SAR was one of the TOP, but the administration is not very actively engaged in the development of the project. Nevertheless, on surfing, paid letters and small tasks here you can still earn extra money.
  16. 156 sites for earnings on the Internet on the Internet without investments
  17. - a new site for earnings on the Internet without investments. The total ruble must be accumulated on the balance in order to order a payment. To do this, it is enough to perform only one task or attract a referral.
  18. 156 sites for earnings on the Internet on the Internet without investments
  19. - this system has long been considered as something more than a click sponsor. This is because in addition to easy ways to make money on the Internet, mining cryptocurrency and exchange of articles are offered.
  20. 156 sites for earnings on the Internet on the Internet without investments
  21. - more than 100,000 users work in the system, in general, almost half a million rubles are derived from here. Invite your friends to the site, you will receive 10% -5% -2% deductions from referral income at 3 levels.
  22. 156 sites for earnings on the Internet on the Internet without investments
  23. is not a mailer, but it's even easier to work. Here it is necessary to solve the captcha (numbers and letters from images). It is desirable to learn how to print quickly, and the profit is displayed even on the phone.
  24. 156 sites for earnings on the Internet on the Internet without investments
  25. - a million satisfied users and $ 350,000 total payments. Worthy indicators for the SAR, similar in design to the Seosprint. With the profit of invited performers comes to 60%.
  26. 156 sites for earnings on the Internet on the Internet without investments
  27. - now through this site you can download only the mobile program for automatic earnings through the Internet. The software periodically opens banner ads on the whole screen, and users get paid for it.
  28. - the service appeared in 2003, more than 830 000 participants managed to register on it. Ten cents must be collected to order a payout. You can collect them in one of seven ways to make money.
  29. 156 sites for earnings on the Internet on the Internet without investments
  30. are the classic ways of making money, following links, various tasks and letters. In May 2011, the project was launched, it has already paid $ 141,000, and it is also beneficial to attract referrals here.
  31. is the only mailer through which sites are monetized. For this purpose, a special functionality has been created for renting advertising space. Minimal here 10 kopecks, so seeing 1 site in surfing, you can immediately check the payments.
  32. - on this site you will not find lists with tasks. When you register, you start working and get clear instructions. Ask to go to sites and send screenshots for confirmation. Also pay for downloading mobile applications.
  33. is a relatively new advertising network, where they earn money through a plugin for browsers. The project differs from analogs in various advertising formats; even a video can show it.
  34. 156 sites for earnings on the Internet on the Internet without investments
  35. - earlier the system was used exclusively for auto-development on video cards, now surfing of sites, paid tasks were added here. Since 2013, the project has been working steadily.
  36. 156 sites for earnings on the Internet on the Internet without investments
  37. - more than 5 years of work, more than 2 million rubles. payments. A good site for earnings for beginners, with automatic payments, including on phones. Webmasters here offer to monetize sites through contextual advertising.
  38. - almost 300 thousand people are registered on this site. They perform light tasks, get paid for visiting sites and inviting new members. In addition to interest, up to 3 rubles is paid for each referral.
  39. - collect 2 rubles for easy work and get paid. The mailer started in 2011, users received more than 2 million rubles from it, and there are almost 167 thousand of them here.
  40. - not the most popular, but honestly paying books from 2014. There are 5 main ways to extract money, there are tasks among them. Work and participate in contests, get cash prizes.
  41. - analogue of the previous project with instant payments and 3-level affiliate program. Over 3. 5 years of operation, the system managed to pay more than 200,000 rubles. , users are less than 20 thousand.
  42. - total payments from the site are matched to a million, and it works for 3 years. The conclusion is automatic, favorable conditions for referrers, pay for answering questions, there is no minimum threshold for payments.
  43. - foreign books for earning bitcoins on the Internet. On it you can only visit the sites of advertisers. Referrals come up to 80%, there are paid rates to increase profitability.
  44. - a foreign mailer with a minimum $ 1 and a bunch of interesting tasks. Pay worthily, only for a review of the system on any forum, paid 60 cents. Payments come in a maximum of 2 days.
  45. - download the application to the browser and receive deductions on the machine for viewing ads. She will periodically appear or will offer to perform the task. Without any restrictions, there are instant payments.

You shouldn't be afraid of working in the network; all newbies will absolutely be able to earn on these sites. They were created specifically for the simplest production of electronic money, bring not so much profit, as their target audience - beginner moneymakers.

Earnings on surveys and reviews

Owners of large companies and various sites need customer opinion. Some are willing to pay for participation in opinion polls to improve their products or services. Others pay money for written reviews.

You can write them at least about anything, even about toothpaste or baby food, although the tourism niche is more popular:

156 sites for earnings on the Internet on the Internet without investments

Reviews and polls are somewhat different. The main difference is that the proposals for participation in the survey come from one system 5-7 times a month. Therefore, a lot and stable to earn will not work.

When writing reviews, their views are paid for, so after adding a large number of articles, you can count on a good income:

  1. is the most popular questionnaire, it is presented with 10 rubles for registration. On average, they pay 30 rubles for a completed application form, and only here a daily survey appears.
  2. - by filling in the registration form, new users receive 5 rubles each. Then they pay up to 500 rubles for participating in the survey. If you invite a friend, 10% comes from his income.
  3. - you will have to earn 500 points (equivalent to rubles) on the questionnaires in order to order the first payment. The amount accumulates much faster, if you invite new respondents, for each of them 15.5 rubles is charged.
  4. - points are given for filling out forms on this site, they can be spent on various products. The choice is large, and besides that, the system offers cashback from the most popular online stores (they return part of the money spent).
  5. - since the beginning of 2015, this questionnaire has paid more than 1. 6 million euros. The minimum amount for withdrawal is 2 euro, points are awarded for the work, the exchange rate is 100 points = 1 euro. On average, there are 3 offers per month from this site.
  6. is not a questionnaire, but a feedback system. This is where you need to share your opinion in order to get paid for the fact that someone was interested in a review. For 1000 visitors pay up to 500 rubles.
  7. - a system of exchange of experience on the use of goods and services. Express your positive or negative opinion about anything, and receive for 1000 views of 50 rubles.
  8. - there are no polls and reviews here, a system for making money on the Internet on comments and not only. Now a large number of tasks are being offered here, most often they are carried out through social networks.
  9. 156 sites for earnings on the Internet on the Internet without investments
  10. is an unusual type of earnings on the Internet, since you need to scan barcodes for goods and save checks. This is another type of gathering information about potential customers. Deposits are not needed, the equipment is sent free of charge.
  11. - the authors of the reviews from this site derived 636,000 rubles. Here you can also share your opinion in order to earn 100 rubles per 1000 views (for life).

The opinion of each person about everything that surrounds us plays an important role. These systems do not take a lot of time, many people spend on surveys an hour a month, but this brings them enough money to replenish their mobile balance sheets or pay for an Internet service provider.

Earnings on binary options and Forex

Anyone who wants to earn really big money should go into a serious niche of the currency exchange. It offers several ways to extract profits, binary options - one of the most popular. What it is? These are quotes bets, guess whether the rate will fall or rise and get a decent income:

156 sites for earnings on the Internet on the Internet without investments

Forex will surprise no one, in this niche thousands of people from all over the world are spinning. It is possible to collect sums of gigantic amounts, but it is difficult to manage without investments.

The only way is to start inviting friends to the websites, although in some cases 300-500 rubles are enough, is that such a big money? You can invest them through these sites to make money in Forex:

  1. is a giant on the Russian Internet, offering binary options trading. Only 350 rubles is needed at the start, transactions are conducted through mobile applications, the minimum rate is 30 rubles.
  2. - for registration on the website of this broker, a risk-free transaction is given. Also, the first deposit is set to 100% bonus. Yield up to 90%, quality base for learning to trade.
  3. - video tutorials, an e-book, a glossary of terms, all this will help a newbie learn binary options with this broker. A demo account is also available, so you can train without investments.
  4. - and this is a full-fledged broker, offering to conduct serious transactions on the currency exchange. Beginners are taught to trade, conditions are favorable, there are a number of bonuses and promotions (contests) are constantly held.
  5. - now holds a promotion, on which you can get a bonus of up to 200%. Education is free, and for making forecasts, an analyst is published. Suitable broker only for trading binary options.
  6. - this broker no longer provides services in Russia, therefore the company is suitable only for foreigners. Over 14 million people are registered here, there are bonuses for making a deposit.
  7. - up to 90% yield, welcome gift, withdrawal in 60 minutes, trading on weekends. There is one more advantage of this binary options broker, it is automatic copying of transactions by experienced traders.
  8. is the largest Forex company, operating for almost 20 years. It offers all the methods, trading, PAMM, options. You can also invest in investment funds.
  9. - for a unique stock from a broker, you can get a bonus of $ 5000. Attend the company's webinars on Forex, get hints for making deals, only there are no commissions here.
  10. - is popular all over the world and offers an exclusive course for its clients. With it, you will learn how to conduct successful transactions, forecasts are published free of charge.
  11. - unfortunately, the site of the broker is not translated into Russian. Nevertheless, you need to know about it, as there are enough pluses. Mobile versions, analytics, training, all sorts of promotions and bonuses.

If ways of earning are chosen that require activity, first take up training. Almost 90% of newbies lose their investments, because they do not want to gain knowledge. Without them, it will definitely not be possible to successfully conduct transactions, and to learn better directly through broker websites, most of them have a special section on the website for this.

Earnings through social networks - Vkontakte, Facebook, Twitter and others

We return to the simple ways that beginners use. Everyone has a page in the social. networks, and some use them to do simple work. Users spend substantial sums to get likes, group memberships, reposts, and more. Help them and get rewards:

156 sites for earnings on the Internet on the Internet without investments

There is no need to wind up subscribers or add a lot of friends, as long as the profile looks natural (there were photos from 50 friends). Some complain that they pay little, but if you receive 50 kopecks in 10 seconds (and that’s how much it costs to join a community or repost), it turns out 180 rubles. at one o'clock.

In order for tasks not to end, use all these systems at the same time:

  1. - accounts are connected in your personal account and then orders begin to arrive. Also here you can add a group to place advertising posts for money. Minimal pay is only 25 rubles.
  2. 156 sites for earnings on the Internet on the Internet without investments
  3. - the system divided orders for different social services. networks, and for quite some time now, the section for earnings on articles is open. Payments here are made only to Webmoney accounts, there is no minimum salary.
  4. 156 sites for earnings on the Internet on the Internet without investments
  5. - a huge number of tasks, most often, this is the entry into groups and placing records on the wall. You can connect any number of profiles from any social. networks.
  6. is a foreign system, so there are many orders here. It is advisable to download their program, since most orders are executed through it. Minimal is overpriced (30 euros), it can only be reduced by referrals.
  7. - simple tasks, payments from 15 rubles only on WebMoney. Invite new members to the system, pay 10% of their income, and transfer 5% of advertisers' expenses.
  8. - by the name it is already clear that the service is created for Vkontakte operation. New orders appear quickly, payments are not delayed, the minimum wage is 50 rubles, no hidden fees.
  9. - an ideal site for making money for those who have a lot of fakes. Here is the lowest payment, so many advertisers. Take no large amounts of rewards, and the number of accomplishments.
  10. - already paid 4. 5 million rubles to everyone who earns through Vkontakte. Collect 50 rubles and get them on Webmoney or phone number. 10% come from invited performers, and 8% from customers.
  11. - a separate project to monetize Facebook pages. It is unlikely that you will ever complete all the tasks on this site. There are many of them here, the main thing is that your account has at least 50 friends, otherwise the page will be banned.
  12. - a system for mutual cheatings has been created, so it pays with hearts for fulfilling orders. The only way to get real money is to attract referrals. For each of them give 3 cents.
  13. - use the site if there are well-promoted groups and accounts. Here you can add them to sell links. It is important that there were not only many subscribers, but also their activity was observed.
  14. is a simple cheating system for Vkontakte, YouTube, Instagram and Twitter. Almost all orders are associated with subscriptions. Withdrawal to Webmoney and Yandex accounts. Money, as well as phone numbers from 15 rubles.
  15. - on this site for earnings the minimum salary is overestimated, is 300 rubles. However, the system is used by almost a million people. Since the job here brings good rewards.
  16. - an informal exchange of advertising in several social networks. Here are added groups in which advertising posts are later placed. The competition is serious, there are no requirements for the communities.
  17. is a multifunctional resource, because in addition to orders for social services. networks, there are simple tasks and it is proposed to install mobile applications. Payments from 2 kopecks to Webmoney.
  18. - orders are executed for points, then this currency is exchanged for rubles (the exchange rate is constantly changing). Tasks weight, the minimum withdrawal of 15 rubles, from the profits of referrals comes 10%.
  19. - one of the oldest sites to work through any social. network. Moreover, there are click jobs and other orders, though they pay a little. To order a payment, you need to dial 50 rubles.
  20. - tasks from this site are not always associated with social services. networks. Often asked to register or leave a comment, there is even surfing. Of the minuses, only a long withdrawal period (14 days).

Why not use your accounts and collect easy money. This method is hard to turn into the main source of income, but for small expenses such as paying for the phone, the ideal option. Look for the most favorable conditions, carry out orders with increased payment.

Earnings on partner programs

Mutually beneficial cooperation is offered to everyone from large companies and popular sites. They need customers, and if someone invites them, then why not pay for it. Conditions may be different, most often online stores are willing to give a percentage of purchases, but there are more interesting offers:

156 sites for earnings on the Internet on the Internet without investments

A couple of common examples of partner programs of various types. In the first case, there is a percentage of orders, in the second case, it is enough to simply force the person to register.

From where you will invite users, it does not matter, even from social networks or on personal recommendations. Such earnings are available on these sites:

  1. - there is no need to add any sites, you immediately get links to attract buyers of video courses and e-books. Payments are fixed (part of the cost).
  2. is the most popular aggregator, several hundreds of affiliate companies are gathered here. To get started, you need to add a pad. If there is no site or group, specify the advertising network from which you will attract traffic.
  3. - more suitable for owners of large sites and online stores. Here a huge assortment of various goods is offered, a certain commission is charged from their sale.
  4. - a network of partnership programs of virtual stores. It is a lot of offers, it is desirable to begin with the site. To effectively attract customers, promotions are constantly running.
  5. - this payment system offers to become a partner and attract new customers. They will carry out various transactions, and you will be charged a percentage of the commission for each operation.
  6. 156 sites for earnings on the Internet on the Internet without investments
  7. - in this aggregator 583 offers are waiting for you, on various topics. Payments at least every hour, there are exclusive offers (they are not in other networks). For experienced users developed individual conditions of cooperation.
  8. - monitoring exchangers helps people find profitable rates for converting electronic money. Register and attract customers, every transition on the ref. link is charged separately.
  9. 156 sites for earnings on the Internet on the Internet without investments
  10. - broker’s partnership program for making money on attracting traders. They will trade binary options, and you will be charged 60% of the system revenue for this.
  11. 156 sites for earnings on the Internet on the Internet without investments
  12. - traders are also attracted, but here they pay $ 20 for an active client or 35% of the broker's profit. There is a combined payment scheme, deductions for it are 20% + $ 50 for registration.
  13. 156 sites for earnings on the Internet on the Internet without investments
  14. is another affiliate program broker ready to pay up to 100% of the profits. Payments come every week, no commissions, various promotional materials are made to order.
  15. - the owner of this affiliate program is a well-known infobusinessman. He offers 75 different training courses, and if you find a buyer, get your share. There is also a 4-level affiliate program, so it’s beneficial to invite those who will be looking for clients.
  16. - attract people who need online accounting. There are other services provided, orders come from 300 rubles. You can become a regional representative.
  17. - the service comes in handy for those who have their own website. It helps promote search tips. Invite webmasters and get 10% of their orders (payments from 100 rubles.).
  18. - site builder, mailing service, business training and much more unites this project. You can earn with it, advertising any services and products, remuneration in the form of a percentage of orders.

Affiliate programs are on all sites that offer remote earnings.This page presents many different systems, use any of them, tell us how to make a profit, invite people. Thus, it is realistic to create a source of passive profit. The team is working, comes a percentage of income.

Earnings on copywriting

You can apply your knowledge in this area of ​​earnings. What could you tell? Maybe it is the repair of household appliances, cooking, rules for learning, about raising a child. Create your own topics for articles for which you will pay money. There are so many sites that texts about everything are bought out:

156 sites for earnings on the Internet on the Internet without investments

These examples show how the various topics are chosen by the authors and how the prices differ. Someone is trying to get loose and selling articles for 19 rubles. for 1000 characters, and someone has already proved the quality of their texts, so it requires 80 rubles. for 1000 characters.

In addition to placing texts, orders for writing articles are available on the exchanges:

  1. - recently connected payments to bank cards, although without this, this exchange ranks first. In it, they attach themselves to every mistake, so you need to be able to write correctly.
  2. 156 sites for earnings on the Internet on the Internet without investments
  3. - errors are also taken into account, but texts are moderated (they are simply marked as containing errors). On this site a lot of profitable orders and you can earn money by selling photos.
  4. 156 sites for earnings on the Internet on the Internet without investments
  5. is the easiest exchange (in terms of moderation). The lowest requirements for grammar and uniqueness, but if someone complains and argues this, the account can be blocked.
  6. is not just an exchange of articles, but a full-fledged site for freelance copywriters. Look for available projects and vacancies, here you can really find loyal customers.
  7. - authors are invited to work on orders. At the moment, there are 33,000 orders available, paying well for them, since the system specializes in filling resources. Not only copywriting is ordered, sometimes translation or rewriting is required.
  8. is a large system for ordering texts where copywriters are constantly required. Beginners are offered 75 rubles per 1000 characters, career growth is foreseen, professionals are paid up to 750 rubles per 1000 characters.
  9. Wmmail is a mailer with an article store. Each article is manually checked, so the set of letters with a bunch of errors here will not be able to put. Average prices on the stock exchange are high, now for 1000 characters the authors receive $ 1.93.

Copywriting can really be turned into a stable job. The most important thing is not to give up at the beginning. Gradually, revenues increase, the level rises, and its own database of regular customers appears. It is desirable to combine this activity with the real work at the initial stage, then it is easier to achieve good results.

Earnings on installing applications

View the statistics of any sites and groups on social networks, half of their visitors use mobile devices. Everyone has smartphones and tablet PCs, and through them you can earn money by installing free apps. Payment is not large, about 5 rubles per download, but this can be done anywhere:

156 sites for earnings on the Internet on the Internet without investments

Who needs to pay for it? To those who create these applications. Developers thus wind installations and make their project more popular. Sometimes it is required to perform additional actions (pass a level, do not delete for several days, write a review), money is paid separately for them:

  1. - appeared in RuNet one of the first, therefore over 330,000 use this application people. Devices on Android and IOS are suitable, if you recommend someone a service, you will receive 10% of earnings.
  2. - over 250,000 users earn through this application. They get 6 rubles. for downloads and 10 rubles. for reviews. Only suitable for Android, payouts on the phone and WebMoney.
  3. - download the program to your Iphone or any device with Android OS. For downloading bonuses are charged, then they are exchanged for real money. With referrals comes 20% of the profits.
  4. - 16 million rubles have been withdrawn from this project, all of which are collected by downloading mobile applications. Payments through QIWI and phone numbers, come across orders with reviews.
  5. is the only project where you can view tasks online on the site. Payments via Webmoney, QIWI, to the phone. More than 30 million rubles. paid to users of IOS and Android.
  6. - Coins pay for application downloads in Coins currency, then it is displayed on PayPal. Only Android devices are suitable, there are many orders here, so it is better to choose the most profitable ones. To receive BONUS during registration, enter in the Register account? - AOSGMY
  7. is a foreign project, there is no Russian language, but so everything is clear. Installations are often accompanied by additional requirements. For each guest pay 30 cents.
  8. - besides downloading games or programs, they offer earnings on viewing ads and videos. The version is available under iOS and Android, after registration bonus is added.
  9. - the most popular application for earnings. It appeared back in 2014, here are the most extensive possibilities for withdrawing funds. Suitable for iOS and Android, the number of users exceeds 3 million.

Install all the applications, often they are offered to install the same game. Therefore, you can get a reward for the download, simultaneously from different projects. In addition, this approach will help you choose the most profitable offers. In all applications there is an affiliate program, invite referrals.

156 sites for earnings on the Internet on the Internet without investments
Earnings at games with a withdrawal of money

Each Internet user has the opportunity to create a passive source of income. Investment games are perfect for this. Investing in them is not only profitable, but also interesting. You can choose to open a virtual farm, tea business, taxi station, chicken coop and much more. Here is an example of profitability in one of the games:

156 sites for earnings on the Internet on the Internet without investments

The more you invest, the higher the return. The only caveat - almost all games use payment points. They are given for attracting referrals and other actions. With the scores of the game is better, since the payouts in them do not exceed the top-up, and this is the key to long-term work. The best gaming sites for earnings on the Internet:

  1. - the profitable cars presented in the image above are taken from this game. There are points here, but inviting someone is not necessary. There are many ways to collect them, starting with work in the city, ending with the purchase of shares of invest. games.
  2. 156 sites for earnings on the Internet on the Internet without investments
  3. - the original chicken farm, eggs are collected from it for sale. Works more than 500 days, paid 13 million rubles. When replenishing from 1000 rubles. , you get several bonuses at once.
  4. 156 sites for earnings on the Internet on the Internet without investments
  5. - energy-generating robots are the main characters of this project. They must be purchased by replenishing the balance, there are no gifts here. Is that a 50% bonus on the first deposit.
  6. 156 sites for earnings on the Internet on the Internet without investments
  7. is the most popular bird game that honestly pays out money for 1160 days. A 200% bonus is set for replenishment, an affiliate program brings good money, here 3 levels of 30% -10% -5%.
  8. 156 sites for earnings on the Internet on the Internet without investments
  9. - by design no other project can compare with this game. Online strategy about medieval times, where you need to build your own city and get a profit from it.
  10. 156 sites for earnings on the Internet on the Internet without investments
  11. - Gnomes who mine ore are purchased in this game to process the ore. Only if you make 5000 rubles. , you can get rid of the "smut" with points, because for this they begin to give free refs.
  12. 156 sites for earnings on the Internet on the Internet without investments
  13. - players planted tea plantations in order to sell the leaves. For registration is given 100 rubles, and also there is a 5-level affiliate program.
  14. 156 sites for earnings on the Internet on the Internet without investments
  15. is a relatively young game that offers to make money without investments. Ordinary birds and eggs, but in the updated design. Up to 6 lines of referrals, instant payouts and sale of referrals are offered.
  16. 156 sites for earnings on the Internet on the Internet without investments
  17. - despite the unattractive design of the site, the game is very profitable. It is necessary to plant fruit trees and collect fruits for sale. For depositing money into the account, give a 200% bonus.
  18. 156 sites for earnings on the Internet on the Internet without investments
  19. is another project about eggs and birds, everything is standard, only there is a stock exchange on which payment points are sold. This makes life easier for those who are willing to invest, but not ready to invite someone.
  20. 156 sites for earnings on the Internet on the Internet without investments

  21. is a complete copy of the previous project, there is also an exchange of points here. Total payments are close to 50 million rubles. Immediately you do not need to invest, silver is given as a gift to every newcomer.
  22. 156 sites for earnings on the Internet on the Internet without investments
  23. - stalkers are hired by players and sent to raids, purchasing weapons. Immediately after registration, three stalkers go under your command, and bonus gold helps to buy the first barrel.
  24. 156 sites for earnings on the Internet on the Internet without investments
  25. - there are no points in the game, but it’s not easy to earn here. First, be sure to make money (at least a couple of dozen rubles). Secondly, you need to monitor your virtual farm every day.
  26. 156 sites for earnings on the Internet on the Internet without investments
  27. - bird farm with payments of more than 3. 2 million rubles. Register, get 1000 silver, you can buy the first feathered one without investment. On the site you will find profitable ref. system on 5 lines.
  28. 156 sites for earnings on the Internet on the Internet without investments

Gaming sites for making money on the Internet have gained immense popularity these days. Millions of people invest in them and not only in Russia. It is advisable to immediately think where new participants will come from. In addition to the site, it can be paid advertising, videos, social networks.

Other types of earnings on the Internet.

There is a wide variety of activities on the Internet. It’s not worth dwelling on one thing, it’s better to try yourself in different niches, otherwise you can miss something really interesting.The work is offered is very different, from the registration of e-mail, to downloading files:

156 sites for earnings on the Internet on the Internet without investments

List ways to make money on the Internet can be to infinity, there are thousands. But not all work is profitable, on some sites, and the ruble has to pull all day.

It is also possible to stumble upon scammers. If you are looking for something unusual, register on one of these resources:

  1. - registration is paid, but the money spent quickly pays off. The example in the picture above is taken from this site. There are many such orders here, a real freelance exchange, where several categories have been added for convenience.
  2. - a system has been developed specifically for making game currency. For example, for Tanks Online, for Avatarii and other popular projects. Currency earn here on tasks, basically, this is the installation of mobile applications and registration in games.
  3. - use if you do not want to open an electronic wallet. On this site, money is paid out by mobile number, and it is obtained through captcha. You enter letters and numbers from pictures, you get bonuses.
  4. 156 sites for earnings on the Internet on the Internet without investments
  5. is a similar project, only here they are calculated for captcha in dollars. You can’t be wrong, they block accounts for this, and the most active ones are rewarded with bonuses up to 25% of the money earned.
  6. - once a day on this site you can get free tickets to participate in the lottery. You make the numbers yourself, there is a function to check the integrity of the site. Daily prizes are drawn up to 10,000 rubles.
  7. 156 sites for earnings on the Internet on the Internet without investments
  8. - the authors of questions and answers from this system receive stable payments. You can also ask questions or answer them, so that later, each page view brings income.
  9. - erotic video chat system. The project is foreign, models can be guys, girls, couples. Pay well, especially for private communication, but there still need to lure the client.
  10. 156 sites for earnings on the Internet on the Internet without investments
  11. - just as models earn on this site. Do not be afraid to keep candid shows, the administration of both systems has taken care not to record video and in the settings you can turn off the display in certain cities or countries.
  12. 156 sites for earnings on the Internet on the Internet without investments
  13. - we all shop at real stores, and on this site they pay to scan checks. Complete the registration, leave a request, as soon as a place is made available, you will be sent the equipment necessary for work.
  14. https: // ru. goappcash. com

Which of the following methods would suit you? It is impossible to advise something, everyone should individually consider options. If some people like easy part-time work on captcha, then others can choose a stable and high earnings in chat rooms. Everyone has their own interests, skills, advantages, goals.

Earnings on your site, monetization of the site.

Among the newbies, the option of creating your own site is often considered. The idea is excellent, I once took advantage of it myself and now, you are a visitor to my blog.

Basically, I make money on it with affiliate programs, only in the upper part is paid advertising in the line (you can order it yourself), here’s the statistics of the last payments:

156 sites for earnings on the Internet on the Internet without investments

Profit is not bad, but this is not the only way to monetize a resource. For this, a lot of quality systems have been created. Selecting the method of earnings, you need to build on the type of site.

For example, blogs are suitable for selling links, and sites with a small number of pages for contextual advertising. Use the best services and squeeze the maximum profit:

  1. - there are enough fans of sports on the Internet, many of them use the services of bookmakers. Offer them to buy paid forecasts and get 50% of their value. Unfortunately, this method is not suitable for everyone, but only for thematic resources.
  2. is an exchange of articles in which links are ordered. Add your site, so that you receive offers with the addition of posts that contain a link, pay for it decently.
  3. - a quality exchange of links with high requirements for sites. Mandatory figures are from 80 pages in the Yandex index, the TIC is at least 10 and the site’s age is six months.
  4. is a website promotion automation service that provides a number of services to webmasters. It is suitable for earnings on sites similar to my blog on topics. Invite customers and get 10% off their orders.
  5. - after adding a site to this exchange, offers will start to come to place links. Resources are accepted only with unique content and a minimum of 100 pages must be present in the Yandex index.
  6. - another reference exchange, where the lowest requirements. The index should be from 50 pages, and the TIC is not less than 10. Unlike similar systems, payments from 100 rubles are available here.
  7. - add high-quality sites to post links to them.On average, webmasters earn 27,000 rubles for each site. There are several cash bonuses, for example, for fast posting.
  8. - and this is an advertising network on which you can get a code for placing banners of various formats. Serious sites are accepted with attendance of 500 hosts per day, so the prices per click are decent.
  9. - sale of the site, this is also an opportunity to make money on the Internet. Through this exchange you can put your resource up for auction. Also on the affiliate program, you can receive 20% of the commission from attracted customers.
  10. - a code is placed on sites and a standard stub is displayed so that everyone can add their ads there. Paid at once month posting, you can specify multiple areas of the site.
  11. - once this exchange offered only temporary links, now it is selling and buying an eternal reference mass through it. The flow of customers is huge, so there are often offers.

With your own website, you can use any affiliate program just like me. Use aggregators, look for suitable offers. For example, on a blog about children, you can advertise any online stores with toys. This is an example, look for suitable options for your target audience.

Freelance Exchange, search for remote work.

There are users who do not want to create projects and develop on some sites. They want to find a stable job, but it’s impossible to find suitable vacancies. It is not necessary to study programming or any other difficult niches in IT, using the knowledge that you already possess, you can offer the services:

156 sites for earnings on the Internet on the Internet without investments

Everyone does what he can. If your skills do not belong to the Internet, do not leave attempts to find a suitable offer.

For example, you can get a job as an operator of an online store of garden equipment, a group moderator about any drugs, a copywriter on a psychology blog. There are many options, and these freelancing exchanges help to find the remote work :

  1. is the most popular resource in Runet. On it vacancies and separate projects are published. The competition is not very high, because you have to pay a monthly fee, the first month is free.
  2. - for clients this is an exchange, where everything is 500 rubles each, for freelancers it is the provision of services for 400 rubles (100 rubles a commission). Register and add your services.
  3. - international freelance market, the Russian version is. There are 22 million users registered on the site, the competition is serious, so be sure to fill in the questionnaire, add a portfolio, send applications more actively.
  4. - the original online store of any services at a fixed cost. Here you do not have to negotiate the price with customers, immediately specify it, let them get in touch if they are satisfied with the conditions.
  5. - register for free, you will be picked up by a client. Due to active advertising, the owners of the exchange manage to ensure the flow of orders. Clients are selected by the selected criteria, payment for the result.

Talents and skills must be used for good. Even the ability to play games or professionalism in the field of chemistry will help to find work on the web.

The main thing is not to leave attempts, sooner or later there will be an employer for whom you will become an ideal candidate, but for now you can increase the rating by fulfilling small orders.

The list of sites for earnings on the Internet turned out to be great, but the article was informative. Now then you can definitely find a suitable activity. Choose proven resources, work actively, get a decent payment. In the TOP sites for earnings carefully selected systems.

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