15 programs for blogger | Workion. ru

15 programs for blogger | Workion. ru

15 programs for blogger | Workion. ru

How to create a Blog?

15 programs for blogger | Workion. ru


Every specialist in stock should have a set of tools with which to facilitate their activities.

Professional bloggers use many different programs to not perform routine do things manually, as well as significantly expand their capabilities.

Useful software for bloggers, which we describe in this article, will definitely come in handy for you to achieve different goals. Despite the fact that now you can replace the program with online services, some of them are just required by the owner of the blog and their quality counterparts do not exist.

15 programs for blogger | Workion. ru

Programs for the blogger

  1. - you just can't do without this convenient substitute for notebook. To work with the code, it is an indispensable assistant with a serious set of functions.
  2. is a handy utility, thanks to which you can quickly process, compress and change the dimension of images.
  3. - in order not to waste time on creating screenshots, use this software. It is also useful for recording videos.
  4. - designed for convenient connection to the site via FTP. There is a great alternative - Filezilla.
  5. is the best tool for determining text uniqueness. You can set the parameters of the shingle, as well as use anti-captcha.
  6. Textus PRO - this program is also useful for working with texts. With its help, keyword density and nausea of ​​the text are easily determined.
  7. - all bloggers have to work with images, and for this you need a quality editor.
  8. - software for collecting data on any sites. It is enough to specify the address of the site, and you will receive information about TIC, PR, the number of pages in the index and so on.
  9. - a simple utility that does not take up much space and resources is useful for determining colors in any area of ​​the screen.
  10. is a multifunctional program where you can check the uniqueness of text and pictures. There is a function of comprehensive verification of site pages and a large amount of text materials in Word.
  11. - when recording videos, use this program to set watermarks (watermark).
  12. - among free programs, it is the best tool for selecting keywords and compiling a semantic core.
  13. is the most convenient tool for video screen capture and video editing.
  14. - helps to find errors in your texts, it is convenient to add new posts and provide many other useful functions.
  15. is an electronic diary where you can create different reminders and attach files to them.

To quickly and efficiently perform all the necessary work on your project, be sure to use these programs. And so that you have even more useful tools at hand, install 15 browser extensions for bloggers.

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