15 browser extensions for bloggers

It will take too long to do the work without the necessary tools, and maybe even without them.

The blogger’s activity in this regard is no different, since in order to develop your project, you have to constantly monitor site, upgrade it, evaluate results, check statistics, and so on.

The main tool of a blogger is his browser.

The Observer is installed on each computer, but how comfortable is it to perform the work and does it have all the necessary functions? We will tell you about 15 browser extensions for bloggers that are sure to be useful to every owner of an information resource.

15 browser extensions for bloggers

Which browser extensions are needed by a blogger?

  1. is a useful addition that can be used to find analogues of pictures in other formats or other resolutions.
  2. - most blogs are created on WordPress, and thanks to this extension, you can easily monitor site statistics.
  3. - when working, the blogger may need to open many sites, this plugin will increase the convenience with many open tabs.
  4. TwitterWatch - the social network Twitter is great for promoting a resource, install this add-on and follow the news in the browser.
  5. YSlow - so that visitors do not run away from the site, you need to make it as fast as possible, and this extension will help determine the download speed and find acceleration paths.
  6. - how often do you have to check the data on different sites? The plugin is designed to quickly get statistics from LiveInternet.
  7. - before using any service or information of the site, first check, through this extension, its reputation.
  8. - helps to quickly perform a check on the site display at different screen resolutions.
  9. - allows you to quickly get acquainted with the basic statistics of any site.
  10. - all bloggers use subscriptions to other bloggers, and thanks to this extension, you will not miss a single new publication.
  11. - another useful plugin with which you can quickly get acquainted with the performance of any site.
  12. is a convenient extension for quick creation of screenshots, selected areas and video capture.
  13. - after installing the add-on, you can quickly check the SEO indicators of various resources.
  14. is a simple but useful extension, with the help of which you can specify a website address and a key, and then get data about positions and views.
  15. - each blogger periodically reads various articles, and this plugin will help to read texts comfortably.

Extend the capabilities of your browser, but choose only those plugins that you really can use. Otherwise, your browser can be very slow, and this is unacceptable for an employee of the Internet.

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