12 sites to earn money on assignments

Newbies who are looking for options for remote work often use requests such as earnings on the Internet on assignments.

Many have already heard that even a novice user can receive money for completing registrations, writing comments and other simple work.

Earnings on the Internet on tasks are really available to everyone and a huge number of beginners try to use this method of earnings every day.

The only problem is that most people think that it is easy and simple, but you have to spend a lot of time to get serious money from such a simple job.

12 sites to earn money on assignments

How to make money on assignments?

To get a lot of money from making money on assignments, you need to constantly look for the best deals, and also learn how to perform them with minimal time.

Most of those who start using such work do not receive the desired money, but at the same time spend 1-2 hours a day. Therefore, immediately be prepared for the contributions of their labors and time.

What tasks you will perform using these systems is difficult to say, since the choice is quite wide.

Here are some examples of requirements that you may meet:

  • register on the site (possibly with subsequent activity);
  • write a comment
  • create forum topics;
  • download a program or game (mobile devices are sometimes used);
  • help with cheat in social. networks (join the public, add a friend, put likes);
  • write a review about any product or service.

After visiting the click sponsors, you will meet other tasks, the requirements are set arbitrarily, that is, the advertiser can order any remote work to be done, and whether or not each artist performs it independently.

Where to make money on the Internet on assignments?

There are two major resources on which this type of work is offered - this is Wmmail and Seosprint.

12 sites to earn money on assignments

12 sites to earn money on assignments

12 sites to earn money on assignments

12 sites to earn money on assignments

Both projects are click-based sponsors and in fact, they are meant for one purpose, but slightly different. In each of them you can earn on tasks, so it does not matter what system you choose, there will be a possibility of making a profit.

Wmmail is distinguished by slightly large amounts of payment, as well as a high level of security. You can register on the site only if you have a Webmoney wallet, pay money in dollars, and withdrawal is instant without a minimum amount. That is, you can work an hour, withdraw money, so as not to worry that you will not be paid, and then continue to work again.

Seosprint appeared much later than Wmmail, but today it has already become a weighty competitor. The number of registered participants is almost the same, but by the number of tasks he has long been a leader. Now there are almost 18,000 tasks on the site and you can perform each of them after registration, which does not even require an electronic wallet.

There is no need to choose the best of these systems, it is better to register on both projects so that it is easier to find the most profitable tasks.

Instructions for completing assignments

Although this process is not complex, it can be difficult for newcomers to figure everything out. We will facilitate your training and present a couple of examples of tasks at each of the above mentioned mailers:


1. We are directed to the task execution section and get a list of available tasks:

12 sites to earn money on assignments

2. The more money they pay, the more difficult the task is, and to get detailed requirements, you need to click on the heading:

12 sites to earn money on assignments

3. Carefully read the advertiser’s requirements. In our example, this is going to YouTube, adding a comment and clicking Like. If you are sure that you will cope with the task, click "Start the task" and follow the link if the page does not open automatically.

4. Having fulfilled the requirements of the advertiser, you need to return to the page with a description of the task and click the "Confirm task execution" button.

5. In the form that appears, indicate the report according to the requirements (in our case, the nickname on YouTube):

12 sites to earn money on assignments

6. Click "Send" and wait for the advertiser to check the results of your work and pay.

Running a task on the Seosprint

1. Go to the section "Tasks":

12 sites to earn money on assignments

2. Select any task from the list and click on it to get acquainted with the details:

12 sites to earn money on assignments

3. The advertiser has clearly described what you need to do and what data to indicate in the report.If you are ready to do this work, click on “Start the task” and a new tab opens with a site where you start to take action on the instructions provided.

4. After the start of execution, on the page with the task, instead of the green button, a form for the report will appear:

12 sites to earn money on assignments

5. Fill out the form in accordance with the requirements and send a report to the advertiser.

6. Waiting for payment after verification.

Everything is simple and easy, even schoolchildren earn money on tasks on the Internet, so you will definitely cope with such work.

The main plus of this type of income is the possibility of choosing interesting tasks, a free schedule, and the absence of any contributions.

Try registering on Wmmail or Seosprint right now and complete one task, only then you will realize that you have a real chance to receive money without leaving home.

Earnings on assignments in other systems

For newbies, new sites are constantly being created, and given their skills, it is proposed to carry out the simplest assignments. Thousands of small orders are available on the Internet right now, and if the first two sites in this article are not enough for you, you can register on these resources:

  1. - started working in 2009, for Registration need a Webmoney wallet. The mailer was originally unique, but then its engine was changed (using the Seosprint platform). Therefore, he strongly resembles his brother. Plus it is that the income from the tasks can be displayed on the phone number.
  2. Socpublic - major changes were made on the website in 2014. Previously, it was even called differently (WMpublic). The changes affected everything, and after their introduction, advertisers became an order of magnitude more. The administration holds interesting contests with solid prizes.
  3. - without passing the exam on this site, only minor tasks will be available. Although the payment for them is higher than on the mailers (one repost is paid more rubles). If you pass the test, it will open orders for writing comments, and there is much higher payment.
  4. is a simple service with a huge number of small tasks. There are instructions for social networks, you can do autosurfing or for a fee to visit sites through letters. Money paid through Webmoney, at least 1 ruble. Sign up and get paid within this hour.
  5. - developers spend a lot of money on advertising. The site is multifunctional, in the "Arbitrary tasks" section you will find dozens of usual instructions. You can also earn through social networks, from mobile devices and by passing surveys. Minimal is not here, calculations through WebMoney.

The advertiser usually sets the payment for completing the tasks. Greedy customers often put a minimum reward. For their orders it is better not to take at all. Review as many orders as possible to select the best deals. That is why all these sites will be useful to you.

Performing tasks for EarningCash

Earn here through installing applications and games on your phone or tablet.

  1. We go through quick registration in and get to the task list. Before doing this, read what needs to be done in a specific task.
12 sites to earn money on assignments
  1. It is recommended to perform tasks that are more expensive than installing on your device in them you need to perform the actions inside (upgrade your hero to the required level, build the necessary building, and so on.) If you play games on your smartphone, then for you it will be only a pleasure!
12 sites to earn money on assignments
  1. After successful execution, your internal balance will automatically replenish. Click the "Withdraw" button and withdraw money to any electronic wallet you need.
12 sites to earn money on assignments
  1. Money comes within 2 hours, checked personally.

Earnings by completing tasks in social networks

At click-on sponsors, you can catch tasks for social. networks, but there they are not as convenient to perform as in special services markups. No reports, studying tedious instructions, take and do a specific action:

12 sites to earn money on assignments
There are performers who generally only work on orders from Vkontakte, Odnoklassniki and their analogues.

Are you one of these artists? Then you will definitely like these systems:

  1. - there are so many users registered on this site that the limits for tasks quickly end. Therefore, you need to more often look in your personal account and check what orders are available at the moment. You can connect a group for earnings on advertising.
  2. - penny tasks divided into categories. This site has several versions, they are created for each social network. We have to work separately, the balance is separate. Withdraw from 20 rubles to Webmoney. Due to the fact that the rewards are small, there is always an affordable job.
  3. - the site offers money making tasks not only through social networks. There are orders for forums and blogs. It is somewhat more difficult to execute them, since you first need to add accounts and wait for the moderators to check them. But the rewards are decent, especially for those who have many friends on their profile.
  4. - the usual tasks on this site are in the "Clicks" and "Quests" sections. To perform through social networks created several separate categories. Prices are average, entry into the VK group and subscriptions on Instagram for 50 kopecks. From 50 rubles is displayed on WebMoney, other withdrawal methods are available for amounts over 200 rubles.

In the soc. networks are convenient and profitable. The tasks here are simple, and it takes even less time to complete them than on mailers. Only you have to use several sites at once, otherwise there are not enough orders.

Earn money by completing tasks for Advego

The presented sites at the beginning of the article are designed for beginners. All tasks are simple, and payment is minimal. If you want to earn more money, grab serious orders through.

This is a copywriting exchange, it is earned by writing articles. Orders are always there and pay several dollars for them. To view the available projects, register and go to the "Job Search" tab:

12 sites to earn money on assignments

You can make money by selling ready-made articles, but for an article store to be available, you first need to complete 10 any orders . On the job page there are filters, they are on the right. There you can choose the type of work:

12 sites to earn money on assignments

Type of work TEXT brings good money, but not everyone knows how to write high-quality texts. It’s still worth a look at orders, suddenly there comes a close topic in which you are well-oriented:

12 sites to earn money on assignments

In addition to assignments for writing articles, the stock exchange is used to perform work in social networks. Joining groups, likes, comments bring up to 10 cents (much more profitable than on mailers). There is also a type of tasks “Invite to friends”, they pay decently for it:

12 sites to earn money on assignments

The word “Tender” in the task indicates that you will need to send a request before executing the order. The customer will check the account, and then allow or prohibit the task. In this example, the payment is 30 cents, suppose you have 10 VC accounts. Find 10 similar tasks and $ 3 yours. Invitations can be sent every 8 hours (if you do work in the morning and in the evening, it costs $ 6).

The project is profitable, the tasks are not complicated, but you have to spend time. Add interesting assignments to your favorites, usually they are reusable. You can invite friends every day and get honest money.

Earnings on the Internet, completing assignments Work Zilla

Orders for writing articles sometimes come through this site too, but there are many other tasks as well. To use the service, you need to get a personal certificate Webmoney. Do you not have it? will help get a certificate. You also need to pay 250 rubles to get access to the tasks:

12 sites to earn money on assignments

As you can see, customers are looking for different professionals - for texts, websites, design, video, and so on. Payment is normal, for the day really earn more than 1000 rubles. Not so much, but as a side job, the option is excellent. After receiving them, they’re added to the list of completed tasks:

12 sites to earn money on assignments

The customer paid 500 rubles for 20 identical announcements, agree that this is quite a good payment for such a simple work Yes, it is necessary to tinker, but professional skills are not required. Not the most active users perform 3 tasks per week and receive 2,000 rubles each. The money they pay to Webmoney or Yandex. Money.

Large earnings on the Internet on assignments

Do you have professional skills and would like to perform complex tasks with decent pay? Then you should register on freelance exchanges. These sites are specifically designed to find professionals and different work. What kind of education you have is not important, the main thing is that you have in your head.

12 sites to earn money on assignments

Here is a specific example; a philologist is required who will deal with the content on the site. This screen is made from the site. The exchange is the most popular in RuNet, and the first month of its use is provided free of charge. Then you need to pay for access to each section. Users without scientific knowledge, too, can earn, for example, on registration groups in social networks:

12 sites to earn money on assignments

Such earnings in the network on the implementation of tasks brings substantial money, especially popular freelancers. For many people, this is the main source of income, they don’t go to work, they do tasks, or they take on permanent remote work.

All sites for earnings on tasks on the Internet are used by me constantly. I received payments from them more than once, so I’m talking about these systems.Where you work, decide for yourself, build on your knowledge and capabilities.

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