11 sites for earning Payeer. Earned 3000 rubles

The most difficult thing is for newcomers to the Internet. Around, they promise big earnings, easy money, income without investments and training. Unfortunately, too often it turns out to be a scam. What to do? Use proven services and properly assess their capabilities.

In this article I tell you how I earned 3,000 rubles on my Payeer wallet on 11 sites. All services consistently pay, do not require a mandatory investment and are ideal for beginners. Work on them is performed differently, so below will be presented brief descriptions of each system.

11 sites for earning Payeer. Earned 3000 rubles

Earnings on the Payeer wallet and instant payments

Payer's payment system is gradually developing and more and more projects are connecting it to withdraw funds. Beginners definitely need to create a Payeer wallet.

It takes a few minutes, after which you get a personal account, a unique account number and you can exchange currency for other electronic money or even withdraw everything to bank cards.

11 sites for earning Payeer. Earned 3000 rubles

This payment system has a lot of advantages, starting with an easy withdrawal of funds and ending with a convenient mobile application. Even if you don’t want to work, you can collect Payeer bonuses, which we described in a separate article about cash bonuses on the Internet.

Do not worry about the currency in which you will receive money, they are converted into automatic currency when withdrawing.

Who is too lazy to read, watch my video about the same 11 sites where Payer can be earned. The video briefly describes each resource and demonstrates payments to the wallet.

11 sites for earning at Payeer without investments

After opening the wallet, you can immediately start making money. Unlike many payment systems, when a withdrawal is made via Payeer, payments are made on the machine (in most cases). Therefore, they are instant, even if the amount is scanty.

For beginners, it is better to collect the first money in simple ways on the relevant sites:

1. Active advertising service. The project combines the game and earnings on clicks. Its first side began to work quite recently, the second has been working for a long time. In the game you need to build buildings and collect resources. Through books on this site, advertisers order visitors for their sites and ask them to perform various tasks:

11 sites for earning Payeer. Earned 3000 rubles

This project appeared recently, but there are already a lot of tasks. Payment for them is not large, because the actions are performed elementary. When such services are just launched, it makes sense to use their affiliate program. Invite your friends and get interest from 2 levels ( percentage of earnings depends on your level ).

2. Email Sponsor. This is a full-fledged clique sponsor who has gained immense popularity in 6 years. Advertisers and artists have more options here. Tasks are divided into categories, you can earn on the texts, through the extension in the browser and other ways. There are many orders, on their execution users have already earned more than 50 000 rubles:

11 sites for earning Payeer. Earned 3000 rubles

Money is withdrawn via Payeer on the machine, earnings are simple, there is a 2-level affiliate program . Complete the usual registration, choose any method, order the payment when there is at least 5-10 rubles on the balance . For the execution of some orders really get even more.

3. Clicking sponsor Seosprint. It appeared in 2010, now almost 200,000 users earn here. To never finish the job, choose this project, it takes first place. At the moment, orders are more than 14,000. Rewards are about the same, there are several ways to earn extra money by visiting sites (tests, surfing, letters):

11 sites for earning Payeer. Earned 3000 rubles

This service does not offer anything unusual , affiliate program at 2 levels, the percentage depends on the status. In addition to Payeer, they make Perfect Money, Webmoney and Yandex on this site. Money.

4. Mailer Socpublic. A few years ago, the WmPublic mailer was altered, so the Social Security appeared. Service significantly improved, made a convenient interface, instant payments, expanded affiliate program. Newbies earn here in the same ways, the most income comes from the tasks:

11 sites for earning Payeer. Earned 3000 rubles

Differs from competitors in frequent contests. Also here you can receive up to 60% of the deductions from the referral program (level 2). In addition to Payer payments are available for other payments, wallets are specified in the personal account settings.

5. Books For over 9 years he has been working with books that paid over 50 million rubles. Pay for visiting sites a little, it is better to fulfill the orders of advertisers. The rewards are also small, but for convenience they added a couple of sections (VK and YouTube) to carry out orders via social networks:

11 sites for earning Payeer. Earned 3000 rubles

This is one of the few mailers from which besides payment systems , payouts are available on the phone number.If you attract referrals, you will give up to 60% of their income . Plus, up to 10% of the earnings of those whom they call on the site.

6. Economic game. Users get profit from selling the received products - eggs, meat, milk, etc. In order for it to arrive on the machine, you need to buy animals. It is not necessary to invest, there are different bonuses, earnings on surfing. The resulting income is displayed in real money, the project has already paid more than 32 million rubles:

11 sites for earning Payeer. Earned 3000 rubles

It is worth noting that the game has payment points. Without them, the payment will not be received, and the main way to earn Cash Points is to attract referrals. It is not necessary to do this, as there is an exchange through which points are redeemed for silver. I know players who invested only 1000 rubles, earned more than 30 000 rubles .

7. Virtual mining with. Total payments from the new game have exceeded one million rubles. The developers promise instant payments to all payment systems, a bonus of 50% on the first deposit and various bonuses. Profit is charged in the form of virtual cryptocurrency, they are accumulated on the machine after buying farms. If you don’t want to invest, make money on surfing:

11 sites for earning Payeer. Earned 3000 rubles

After registering for the balance, there will already be some coins so that you can buy the first farm for free. Do not be lazy to collect 4 types of bonuses. In the affiliate program level 4, it brings 40% -20% -10% -5% . Income is divided equally between accounts for purchases and withdrawals, so you can simultaneously buy farms and order payments.

8. Dragoneggs (closed) game with the withdrawal on Payeer. The plot, as in the games about birds, only here the eggs are dragons. Payback reaches 36. 7%, but for this you need to buy the most expensive character. Through a calculator on the site, you can calculate earnings with certain investments. Payments are activated by a deposit of 10 rubles (or you need to collect 1000 silver on surfing):

11 sites for earning Payeer. Earned 3000 rubles

The game has several bonuses, tasks, and contests are held. From referrals comes 9% of top ups, plus 1% each from the second and third levels. If you do not know how to invite, buy Avtoreferal, free referrals will be assigned to you. And to increase their activity, install refbek.

9. Earnings on the eggs. Payeer's latest earning site is a bird farm. Register, get 1000 silver and buy the first bird. From them on the machine come the eggs, sell them and order payments. For more than 1000 days, the project is paying , the players have already earned over 44 million rubles. The more expensive the characters, the higher their fertility:

11 sites for earning Payeer. Earned 3000 rubles

There is a daily bonus, gift birds, exchanger + 20% for reinvestment . Please note that payments are made only through Cash Poits, and they are given for referral deposits. Therefore, be sure to invite players behind you, especially from the first level 30% silver will come. In addition to Payeer, money can be received on QIWI, Webmoney or Yandex. Money.

If you try hard and actively use affiliate programs, you will earn much more than 3000 rubles. But do not think that it will be simple, all these systems are created for beginners, and never pay much for simple actions.

Other income with the withdrawal of money to Payeer

Electronic money can be collected in many other ways. Sell ​​e-books, articles, trade cryptocurrency, binary options and so on. Now almost all the major resources offer payer payments.

This payment system is still gaining momentum. Create multiple sources of profit and try yourself in different areas. This is the only way to find the direction in which everything will work out. Consider, the harder work gets out, the faster you get a big income.

Generous earnings on captcha on Payeer

The headline is loud because a priori you can't earn a lot on captcha. However, some newbies like this method because it is extremely simple. You need to pass checks on the bot, by simply entering characters from pictures.

For this, even special services are created - and. A simple work is available on both sites immediately after registration:

11 sites for earning Payeer. Earned 3000 rubles

Bonuses are awarded small, from 0. 01 to 0. 065 kopecks . But to do the work easier. The rate rises when there are a lot of orders and there are not enough performers. Who needs to pay for it? Those who use all sorts of bots. They just do not have time to pass the test, they are able to solve only a person.

Payeer earning money on an affiliate program

The last option to make a profit on Payer is an affiliate payment system. After registration, in your account you can get a link to invite referrals.

It needs to be distributed by any means, attracting as many people as possible.They will carry out operations, and the payment will give a part of the commission from each transaction:

11 sites for earning Payeer. Earned 3000 rubles

This type of earnings in the future brings a decent profit. At first, only 10% of the commission is paid, but with an increase in referral turnover, the percentage rises to 25%.

In addition, deductions come from 6 levels. All of them come directly to the wallet, they are also easy to display or exchange. If you find active partners, you can earn Payeer on the machine, because they will expand your network.

Earnings on the Internet without investing on a Payeer is not a myth. Even a newbie can work in simple ways. The main thing is not to stop, gaining experience and collecting at least a small amount, move on. Once I myself began with the performance of tasks, and now I keep a blog and earn money on affiliate programs.

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