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10 ways to quickly increase blog traffic - Profit Hunter Another optimizer hack from Courtney Tattle (a smart blog, I read it regularly), which will increase the traffic to your niche blogs.

1. Create clusters of links inside the blog.

Link Cluster is a group of links that you can send to a specific post or page in order to raise it in search results. Imagine that you have a note on “crazy business ideas” and you need to raise it in the eyes of search engines. To do this, you need to find 10 (or so) relevant entries on your blog and link to the desired post with an anchor. crazy business ideas . So you can raise posts for any requests. (You can also use third-party resources to which you have access, for example, free blog platforms - note). This whole procedure will take no more 10-15 minutes .

2. Adjust the headlines of the most popular post in.

After reviewing the blog statistics, you can highlight posts that bring good traffic for certain key phrases and at the same time do not contain these phrases in the headline. By changing the title, you will strengthen the position of the post in the issue and, accordingly, increase its attendance. This item perfectly complements item 1. It will take you 20 minutes .

3. Ask the blog readers to add you as a friend on StumbleUpon and Facebook.

There are no many friends in social services. (I would add Twitter here. In general, this advice is more suitable for the English-speaking niche blogs that my Spring Marathon is dedicated to than the Runet.) To write a post with such a request, you will need no more than 20 minutes .

4. Publish the best posts in those days of the week when traffic to the blog is maximum.

Look at which day your blog is experiencing the peak traffic, and adjust the post publication schedule for it. Make your best posts see as many people as possible. This will give you additional subscribers, additional bookmarks in the social. networks and additional links. The publication of the finished post will take no more than 1 minutes .

5. Reread the post again before posting.

How can you improve the headline? What is better to write in the first paragraph? Small changes in the text, especially at the beginning of the post , can give a significant increase in social traffic and backlinks. Additional post optimization will take no more than 30 minutes .

6. Stop writing about yourself. Start solving problems.

Visitors turn into readers when they see that the blog gives them what they need. In most cases, they are unlikely to want to read about the fact that your cat is sick, or that it is raining outside (of course, if this is not your personal blog). Share your experience, give advice, answer questions. This change in blog focus will take 0 minutes .

7. Subscribe to the RSS feeds of major players in your niche.

So you will not stay away from important events and do not miss any news. Moreover, a note dedicated to some important event will give you additional traffic. You will need about 15 minutes to go through the sites and subscribe to their RSS feeds.

8. Write a nice guest post on a popular blog.

Of course, for this you first have to sit and think about what to write, and how to write such an article in order for it to be published by a reputable blogger. But if you have a good article, a rare person will refuse it. This way of promotion is beneficial to both sides of the process: the blogger receives excellent material, you are a permanent link and traffic. To agree with the blogger and send him an article, you will spend no more than 10 minutes .

9. Go to the bookstore.

Pay particular attention to the magazine covers and headings used there. Rewrite the most interesting headlines and think about what makes them so attractive. If you want your article to become popular on social media, you should lick the title to the last letter. It will take you up to 30 minutes to find and create quality headers.

10. Answer questions in emails and comments.

Nothing contributes to the loyalty of readers as detailed answers to their questions (even if you have already answered these questions 100 times in your previous posts). Why do people come to your blog? Because you help them solve their problems. Why do they become regular readers? For the same reason - you help them solve their problems! An answer to a question in a letter or comments will not take more than 5 minutes .

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