10 ways to protect electronic money from theft

The target audience of a Workion blog are people who are somehow connected with payment systems.

Someone successfully makes money on the Internet, someone invests money, and some simply spend it in network. What unites these people? Each of them has an electronic wallet, its security must be well taken care of, otherwise money may disappear from the account.

Now we will tell you about 10 ways to secure electronic money so you don’t have to, like thousands of other people, write on the forums about the loss of virtual money from your wallet.

Every day, hundreds of different calls are sent to technical support of payment systems, and only a few units can return the money.

10 ways to protect electronic money from theft

Security of electronic payments

You do not want to join the ranks of those who have lost money from a virtual wallet? Then you need to monitor the security of electronic payments. Properly using your wallet, you will never have problems with its burglary .

To protect our readers from such situations, we have prepared some useful tips:

  1. When entering the password on the website or in the program, use the virtual keyboard. Sometimes fraudsters intercept signals from the keyboard to find out the password.
  2. When entering your personal account, make sure that the address you need is in the address bar, as well as there are https in front of it. The last letter S speaks about protection.
  3. Update the antivirus and check it at regular intervals. It is due to viruses that wallets are most often cracked.
  4. Never, under any circumstances, give your password. Payment system employees are not asked to give them this information, only fraudsters are asked to provide a password.
  5. Think of the most difficult passwords, as sometimes wallets are cracked with the help of programs that go through different options and try to log in.
  6. Use additional protection of transfers, it is in almost all payment systems. For example, you can transfer money with a protection code (even if someone succeeds in intercepting money, they will not be able to receive it without a code).
  7. Do not believe in headers like "1000% for a couple of days", as well as information about promotions and contests. This is the usual "lure" for inexperienced users.
  8. Do not store passwords electronically on your computer. Cunning viruses allow scammers to download data from computers.
  9. When you are finished using your e-wallet, just in case, log out.
  10. Strengthen the security of authentication, many payment systems can bind a wallet to an IP address so that you can enter it only from your Internet point.
10 ways to protect electronic money from theft

The security of your computer from which electronic payments are made must be at a high level. It can be provided by modern high-quality programs, antiviruses and firewalls.

Some of them can be downloaded for free on the Internet, so you can now increase your protection against the theft of electronic money.

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