10 ways to make money without a website and 5 ways to make money on the website

Not everyone is satisfied with their salary, and some of them cannot even find vacancies with good pay. All this makes people look for alternative sources of profit. They rarely choose the Internet for this, because the World Wide Web allows you to work remotely and here it does not matter where you come from, what kind of education you have and how old you are.

The most popular ways to make money on the Internet without investments we have collected on this page. Anyone can choose for themselves the appropriate option. In the network, just like in real life, there are a lot of areas for work.

Simple ways bring in a small income, complex ones provide a solid profit, what to do, everyone must decide for himself.

10 ways to make money without a website and 5 ways to make money on the website

How can a beginner make money on the Internet?

Every day, thousands of people are searching through the search engines how to make money fast. The question does not lose relevance, and we know how to answer it. We will not tell about any one option, we will give everyone a choice. After all, we have different talents, desires, skills and preferences.

It’s worth starting with opening an e-wallet, because online payments are usually made in digital money. See detailed instructions for registering Webmoney.

Blog visitors are constantly asking what are the ways to earn extra money without investments and cheating at home. Many believe that start-up capital is indispensable, but it is not.

The following are the most interesting methods that can be started from scratch. To make it easier to decide and not to encounter problems, learn a few tips:

  • be realistic, for simple actions you don’t pay $ 100, such work on the Internet is offered only by fraudsters;
  • rate as many sites as possible where you can find a suitable part-time job in your spare time;
  • always read reviews about a particular project, if you cannot find them, it’s better not to use the resource;
  • do not try to apply the black schemes of earnings, when a beginner tries to deceive someone, he is fingered;
  • choosing one of the ways to make money on the Internet without investments, try to sort out all the little things;
  • don't make big money quickly, most people have to work hard for at least a few months to get a decent income;
  • think about launching your own project, it is much more promising (blog, channel, group in social networks).

The network is full of scammers, they tell you what to do to start making big money and throw thousands of users away.

Choosing the most popular ways of earning, you will be protected from deception, and on this page will be presented the sites from which payments come stably, we have personally checked each of them.

Ways of making money on the Internet without a site and without investments

All newbies should think about creating their own site, but this is not an easy thing and takes a lot of time. Most want to learn how to make money sitting at home on the Internet without a website. There are many options, we will look at the TOP 10 ways, some of them have been used by people for more than 20 years:

  1. The most popular way to earn money on clicks.

Small money can be quickly earned with the help of clique sponsors. These services are designed for cheating, simple tasks such as registering, viewing advertising, downloading a mobile application, etc. are created. The reward depends on how difficult it is to execute the order:

10 ways to make money without a website and 5 ways to make money on the website

Attachments are not needed, you register on any box and immediately go to the tasks. Selecting one of the instructions, you will see a description and a button to get started. After completing the order, you will need to send a report to the advertiser, what should be there, also indicated in the description:

10 ways to make money without a website and 5 ways to make money on the website

This is what to do to make money easily and quickly. For beginners, this is exactly suitable, and in order to receive payments and access to a huge number of orders, choose the top mailers:

  • Wmmail is the most popular mailer with many tasks, pay in dollars. Withdrawal to wallets and phone from 10 cents, you can earn money by selling articles.
  • Seosprint - offers the largest database of tasks, but the average payment is lower here. Functions are also less, payment in rubles, payments through different payment systems.
  • Socpublic - earn only 2 pennies to get paid to your e-wallet. Convenient interface, perform tasks from mobile devices.
  • - some work is constantly being done on this mailer. It is improved, add new ways of earning, the most modern books.
  • is an old and proven service, since 2009 it has been paying consistently. The money earned on the tasks can be displayed not only on the wallet, but also on the phone number.
  • - there are not so many tasks here, but there is an extension for the browser, after installing which, you will earn money on the machine by viewing advertisements.

On all of these sites you do not need to register, because each of them offers thousands of small tasks. You can perform them at any time of the day or night. On average, an active performer receives 500 rubles a day. A little, but honestly and simply.

  1. The best way to make money for new users on social networks.

Bucks are often used for social cheating. networks. There are a lot of instructions, where they are asked to put likes, make reposts and so on. But if you use special services markups in the social. networks, it will work much more convenient. There you do not need to submit reports, completed the action and immediately received payment:

10 ways to make money without a website and 5 ways to make money on the website

It is even easier to perform tasks in social networks, but this may require additional accounts. The main problem is that tasks end quickly and you have to wait for new ones. You can solve it by registering on several sites at once. Well, that created a lot of them:

  • ;
  • ;
  • ;
  • ;
  • ;
  • ;
  • ;
  • ;
  • ;
  • .

Projects are not very different, mostly payments are made on Webmoney, QIWI, Yandex. Money or Payeer. The network often write reviews about this part-time job, that it is not profitable enough. Again, it all depends on the effort involved. In one of the videos on my channel, I showed how I deduced 30 euros from one of the submitted projects:

How much can a newbie earn on the Internet through social networks? Income will be about the same as in the boxes. Count on 300-500 rubles a day. The part-time job is simple, even schoolchildren choose it. A great option to spend your free time.

  1. The real way to make money on captcha input.

Another simple way to earn some extra money in your free time is solving a captcha. Surely you had to confirm that you are not a bot, indicating the characters from the pictures.

It’s really worth getting money for, because experienced users don’t want to waste time and pay employees. For this, even the service was launched. The working interface looks like this:

10 ways to make money without a website and 5 ways to make money on the website

Complete the registration and start earning. The green bar is a timer, you need to quickly enter characters. Images appear one after another. Rate floats (1-4 kop.), You can use a mobile device.

Also Rukapcha offers a program for automatic earnings - RuCaptchaBot X.

Earnings on captcha brings less money, but it is simpler. So you can earn money in your spare time, and the money is displayed on all popular e-wallets, on a phone number, a bank card, or even in Bitcoins.

  1. A new way to make money on money withdrawal games.

Some economic games have been paying for more than 10 years, but the direction has gained much popularity relatively recently. Now many have fun and get money at the same time.

It is not necessary to invest money for this, some games offer to start from scratch, somewhere there are bonuses and an affiliate program is always available:

In this video you can see an illustrative example of withdrawal of funds from a known economic game. It is quite complicated, beginners will have to develop for a long time to get paid from the project. Therefore, we recommend to pay attention to analogues that will take you no more than 2 minutes a day.

The bottom line is to open a virtual business. For example, it may be a mine from which a useful resource is mined. You hire miners, they mine. It remains only to sell the resource and order payments.

Be sure to pay attention to affiliate programs, such services pay generously for attracting new members.

  1. The best way to make money online on YouTube.

Few people know how much the owners of the promoted channels receive. Did you know that their profits can be more than a million rubles a month?

The money on YouTube is not funny, and you don’t need any investments to start. You open the channel, you start to download interesting videos and attract attention to yourself.

Yes, it will take time for promotion, huge efforts for the development of the channel and much more. Believe me, it's worth it, now users more often prefer video content than texts. I told about earnings on YouTube, editing and other important points on my own channel:

You don’t have to come up with something new, you can borrow ideas, most importantly, follow the trends. You need to associate your videos with something relevant.

For example, now everyone is interested in bitcoins and cryptocurrency, so I try to record as many videos as possible on this topic. How to monetize the channel will tell below.

  1. Sale of photos and pictures.

Quality images cost money, and if you are able to create them, you definitely need to make money on it. Buyers are looking for pictures and images, and commercial images are best sold. They are needed to create ads, add to articles, design sites and many other purposes.

Sales are conducted under a license for the right to use, i.e. copyrights are not sold. One photo can be sold any number of times.

Registration at large photo hosting sites is difficult, many require not only to provide examples of work, but also to send scans of documents. Want to start simple? Register on the Etxt copywriting exchange, a photo shop is added to it:

10 ways to make money without a website and 5 ways to make money on the website

The authors themselves set the cost of the image, the quality requirements are not so high, and the subject matter can be anything. Sales here are sluggish, but no verification is necessary.

Passed the usual registration and upload as many unique pictures as you like. Payments can be received through payment systems or directly to the card.

  1. Freelance - full-scale remote work.

This direction combines a lot of different work. The most popular type of freelancing among newbies is copywriting. You write and sell articles to site owners. The subject can be any, tell us about your trip abroad, make a car repair manual, share a culinary recipe:

10 ways to make money without a website and 5 ways to make money on the website

Payment is also put up by the authors at its discretion, but if it is too high, hardly a quick buyer. Until you get a rating, it is better to set the cost at 30-40 rubles per 1000 characters.

To work, use the exchange

. It is the largest and there are many orders. Also differs from the analogs in the section with the tasks (likes, comments, reviews). Payouts are available directly to the card.

Copywriting is one of the branches of freelancing. In this niche, people take on orders that are not related to writing articles. They offer services of designers, programmers, architects, lawyers, and so on. In general, everything that can be done remotely. This method can be a major job or a start for a business:

10 ways to make money without a website and 5 ways to make money on the website

This is an example of several offers from customers. Not only individual orders appear on freelance exchanges, you can find vacancies. Who can I get a novice?

By the administrator of the VK group, by the operator in the online store, by the forum moderator. If you have any skills and knowledge, be sure to look at the ads.

  1. Earnings on free cryptocurrency.

Everyone is talking about the value of Bitcoins, but newcomers do not understand this, so they do not dare to begin. In fact, cryptocurrency can be obtained absolutely free.

The same Bitcoin is distributed by various taps (you just go to the site, confirm that you are not a bot and you get a bonus). I have already told you about one of these projects:

The video also shows the payment from the site, and it has many more analogues. Collecting cryptocurrency doesn’t seem such an interesting activity, you can’t get a lot of free methods. But you need to understand that coins grow in value.

Over the past year, some of them have risen in price by more than 1000% (if they had earned only $ 10 in the crisis, they could have received $ 10,000). In addition to the distribution of known altcoins, there is another interesting way to get new tokens.

New companies are now launching their coins into circulation, and in order to unwind more quickly, some are scattered among users. You can become one of them, more in the video:

Even if it is a little-known token from a project that has not yet been implemented, you get the benefit.

Coins you collect for free, the maximum will have to perform simple tasks in the social. networks. And some of them will increase in price over time. It remains only to change them for real money through a special exchange.

  1. A way of earning with an investment on cryptocurrencies.

I strongly recommend to all my readers to pay attention to cryptocurrency. The current trend in this niche make big money. And if there is a starting capital, it is even easier to make a profit. The easiest way is to invest in altcoins.

Buy not only Bitcoin, there are other promising coins. Create an investment portfolio and just wait for the course to rise.

At the end of 2017, BTC cost $ 20,000 each, and at the beginning of that year they were given less than $ 1000. The rate rose 20 times in a few months (invested 10,000 rubles, received 200,000 rubles):

10 ways to make money without a website and 5 ways to make money on the website

Such a percentage would not be exactly offered by banks with their deposits. Moreover, Bitcoin shows not the most serious ups. If you decide to invest, be sure to buy a few top cryptocurrencies.

Buying coins is the easiest way to make money with an investment, except for it, you can scroll through your money through:

  • cloud mining;
  • cryptocurrency arbitration;
  • buying and selling bitcoins.

The latter method is very popular, many people buy a crypt in order to quickly resell it. In this market, the volatility is high; in just a day, the rate may change by 10%. That is, in a day, sometimes it is possible to raise 10% from the resale of cryptocurrency. Returning to the banks, they have an annual rate of half less.

  1. A proven side job on the Internet for women.

The way of earning must necessarily include the work on the web model itself. The topic is only for adults, and not only girls, but also boys (couples) can start broadcasting.

Surely you have heard that you can arrange outright shows and get paid for it. Do not rush to skip this information, first see how many models get:

10 ways to make money without a website and 5 ways to make money on the website

The TOP 3 of this month includes 3 models that received more than $ 10,000 (approximately 650,000 rubles). Many people in our country do not receive such money even for a year. Webcam sites provide everything you need.

You can block your city or even a country. Also remember that no one can force you to do something, some begin to work without undressing.

To work as a webcam model, register on the site

. Here, the most potential customers, you can broadcast from your phone and get money on the card.

Of course, this work is not suitable for everyone, but you should not think that many viewers are attracted to girls with flawless appearance. You first go and see several broadcasts, not only external data is important here.

Interested? Read - how to work the web model for yourself. You will spend a few minutes on registration and get a very profitable source of income.

Ways to make money with your site (channel, group)

To work on the Internet for yourself, it is better to start your own project. It can be anything, Vkontakte community, YouTube channel, blog, forum. In this case, you get unlimited prospects for development. The more popular the site is, the more money can be received from it.

The easiest way to make a blog is to create a site in a couple of hours through the free designer Ucoz, all you have to do is to fill it with interesting articles and you can do promotion.

By the profitability of the group, the sites and channels do not differ, it all depends on how many people you can attract to the site. They are monetized in the following ways:

  1. Affiliate programs.

A universal way suitable for making money on any site. Companies are interested in attracting new customers, so they are willing to pay a partner.

It is necessary to select the program under the theme of your resource. It can be anything - credit cards, clothing, household appliances, goods from Aliexpress:

10 ways to make money without a website and 5 ways to make money on the website

The online clothing store pays 11. 54% of each paid order. Invite as many customers as you like and earn rewards. Under any topic there are suitable options, for example, one of the car dealerships is willing to pay 325 rubles if a potential client calls you according to your recommendation:

10 ways to make money without a website and 5 ways to make money on the website

The income depends on the activity of the audience, and you You can influence it with effective promotional materials. In this way, videobloggers are often used to advertise various online stores. The choice of affiliate programs for earnings is not easy, conditions are very different.

  1. Selling links.

If in the previous method you can still do without your project (distributing affiliate links through forums or ordering advertisements), then you will definitely need your own site for selling links.

In order to promote, on the websites they buy link placement, in just one addition of a link on a large and well-known site, it’s really possible to get 50,000 rubles:

10 ways to make money without a website and 5 ways to make money on the website

But for this will have to achieve huge attendance and gain popularity. Now buying links has lost a bit of relevance due to changes in search engine algorithms. However, they are still being bought, if not for reference weight, then for getting traffic.

Through the service

you can sell links not only from sites, but also from pages on social networks (Vkontakte, Twitter, Google+ and YouTube).

Immediately start selling links just will not work, this method is suitable only for promoted sites.

  1. Advertising networks.

The most common way to make money on the site is advertising. There are plenty of services where advertisers order the placement of banners, teasers and other promotional materials.

You just need to add a resource and set the code so that the ad displays start.At the top of our blog there is an advertising line, we offer everyone to buy a link from us.

This is just one example, advertising may be of a different format. The most important thing is that you do not need to do anything, set the code and continue to work on the project until money comes to the balance

  1. Sale of goods.

Any popular venue is an ideal place to advertise. Why not organize your own business based on it? For example, negotiate with suppliers and offer their subscribers a thematic product at a slightly inflated price.

Many owners of channels and groups also do this. At a minimum, you can create an information product (e-book, training course) and sell it in unlimited quantities.

  1. Provision of services.

More often, the provision of various services occurs. Auto bloggers offer car picks, computer scientists help with PC builds and so on. When choosing topics for your project, this should be what you are good at understanding.

Accordingly, there is certain knowledge and skills to enable the provision of services. Great idea for a full-fledged business.

Ways of making money on the Internet without investment on your site are presented only for reference. First you need to think about how to unwind in the selected niche.

Competition is now high everywhere, on VKontakte, on YouTube, among blogs and other resources. Achieve popularity, and only then decide how to earn income.


The article turned out to be large, but this is only a small part of the real ways to make money on the Internet without investment and deception.

Of the options presented, you will definitely find something close, and we do not stop repeating - the best option is to create your own project. If none of the methods you are interested in, watch this video:

The best sites for earning on the Internet understand it, they are also suitable for beginners. The wider the choice, the easier it is to find what you like. The network has a place for everyone, the main thing is to be patient and stay active.

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