10 ways to make money on PHP

With the advent of computers and the Internet, many additional professions have appeared.

Programming specialists are now in demand, because many different projects are launched via the Internet. Therefore, all applicants should think about choosing a specialty related to computers.

How to make money with PHP? In this article we will consider one of the areas of programming. Scripting language is actively used for application development.

The technology has been relevant for many years, and if you learn PHP, you can get good money. Most importantly, the demand for specialists from this area is huge.

10 ways to make money on PHP

How much does a PHP programmer earn?

It’s impossible to say the exact amount, because everyone works in different companies, and some work for home. In any case, active workers receive a decent salary.

Those who work without leaving home receive exactly as much time as they can complete orders. Rates in a niche are rarely set, most often they are negotiated individually.

Of the advantages of the work of a PHP programmer, it is worth noting serious prospects and relevance of the activity. At a time when the Internet penetrates almost all spheres, it is really beneficial to work as a programmer.

Only orders appear on the stock exchange every day for professionals:

10 ways to make money on PHP

Like freelancers from other areas, you have to develop here and you cannot count on starting from big money . Skills must be good, it is better not to stop and continue to learn.

Although a competent programmer does not stay long in the ranks of freelancers. If customers are satisfied, sooner or later, there are offers for continuous cooperation in any company.

10 ways to make money on PHP

10 ways to make money with PHP

A smart programmer will never be without bread. There are many directions to show your talent in PHP programming.

Here are some of the best ways to make money:

  1. Scripts for sale - implement all your ideas and read the best SEO forums to find out which scripts are in demand and what tools not enough people.
  2. Creating custom scripts - this has already been described above, choose any freelance marketplace and start implementing projects to order.
  3. Free services - you can create various services for markups, automation and so on to receive money from advertising.
  4. Refinement of services and scripts - often even entrepreneurs need help in refining functions, such orders are also on freelance exchanges
  5. Developing parsers - they are now quite popular, and what exactly your script will collect, decide yourself. You can even create sites with copy-paste.
  6. Automation of different processes - make life easier for users and make money on it. Even a simple program for auto-deletion of all participants from VC publics can be useful to someone.
  7. Starting your own business - having knowledge of PHP, it is easy to create any system. For example, you can open a pay.
  8. Staffing - this option should also not be discarded, sometimes PHP programmers are required in large companies.
  9. Earnings on doorways - creating a heap of sites to redirect traffic. It can be monetized through affiliate programs or direct cooperation.
  10. Creating a blog - a professional from any field can open a blog. Publish articles on PHP and programming, the topic is serious, the project will turn out to be profitable.

A programmer always has a choice on what exactly to make money. Of course, they all require some effort, but you will have prospects, whatever you do.

The most important thing is not to turn into an expert, but to continue learning. The more serious the skills, the more the doors open. Own project is the best idea, so look for a fresh idea and create something that is not yet online.

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