10 types of affiliate programs for making money

Affiliate programs are used by many users, with their help you can make money online. Conditions in affiliate programs can be different, for example, in some they pay for new registrations, while in others they pay for referrals through advertising. Under the payment scheme they are divided into several types.

What are partner programs? Now we will look at several types of affiliate programs, as well as present examples (with more favorable conditions), and you can use them and start earning today.

10 types of affiliate programs for making money

Types of partnership programs

1. Referral deductions.
Referrals are the users that you refer to the system. As a rule, such a scheme of earnings is in almost all services, starting with online casinos, ending with boxes and exchanges of content. The essence is very simple, you attract new participants, the system receives from their actions some interest on profits or expenses that it shares with you.

It is most advantageous to involve users in the following services:

  • Wmmail (mailer with 5-tier system);
  • Advego (content exchange with 25% deductions);
  • Admitad (affiliate network, payment from 5 to 10%).

2. Pay per click.
In order to make a profit when using such affiliate programs, you will need to install ad units on your resources, after that you will receive money from each transition on them.

You can receive advertising for earnings in the following affiliate programs:

  • ;

3. Pay per action.
Unlike other systems, pay per action may be the most profitable. To allocate profit, you will need not only to attract customers to various sites, but also to ensure that they complete the purchase or use the services.

The fact is that your income is part of the money from a successful transaction. You can find a large number of offers that can be offered to users on the following resources:

  • ActionPay (the largest affiliate network);
  • ;
  • Advertstar.

4. Pay for impressions.
To monetize websites through advertising, it is possible by paying for its views. In this case, the level of earnings depends entirely on the attendance of the resource. Payment is different everywhere, but in general, 1000 views are paid as for one simple action in affiliate pay-per-action.

10 types of affiliate programs for making money

You can get ads with pay-per-view on the following systems:

  • Mixmarket;
  • Nolix (line of advertising);

It is very difficult to say with what types of affiliate programs it is more profitable to say. The fact is that every webmaster or internet entrepreneur must independently determine the most suitable option, taking into account his opportunities as well as the sources of traffic he possesses.

For example, when the audience is active, it is best to use pay per action, if the project is about earning, then it is better to use referral networks, and when attendance is high but not active, pay per impression is best.

10 types of affiliate programs for making money

Partnership programs of investment games

Cooperation with economic games is profitable. Many have already heard that you can play and earn at the same time, so users are actively registering and replenishing their balance sheets. The organizers of the games give a part of the replenishments for invitations, the conditions are different everywhere, and the most profitable affiliate programs on these sites:

  1. - first you get 7% of the replenishment, but when you invite a lot of referrals you pass the qualification, the share increases
  2. - affiliate program is multi-level, it is advantageous to attract active referrals (18%, 7%, 5%, 5%, 5%)
  3. - 50% from the replenishment of the first-level referrals come from the rest 4x lines accrued 20% -10% -5% -2%.
  4. - a simple one-tier affiliate program of 30% of deposits. Contests between referees with impressive prizes are constantly held.
  5. - 5 levels of referrals (40% -20% -10% -6% -2%), plus fees for referrals. link.

Many users find money-withdrawing games unstable. But some of them have been working for 2-3 years, consistently paying money. The point is that payments are limited and only those who attract new members receive decent rewards. Therefore, it is better to be a partner than an investor.

10 types of affiliate programs for making money

The best affiliate Forex brokers

Everything connected with Forex is usually profitable. Huge money is invested in trading on the currency exchange, and brokers are ready to share these amounts with those who bring customers. You should also pay attention to the companies offering trading in binary options, conditions are even more profitable in them:

  1. - advertise binary options on Binarium and get 35% from the broker's income. They also pay $ 20 for registration or 20% + $ 50 for a hybrid scheme.
  2. - the broker gives to partners 60% of his income. In addition, there is a tariff for receiving 100% profit in the first month of referral trading or payment for registration.
  3. - from 50% to 70% of the deduction offered in the affiliate program Binomo. If you invite other partners, you will receive 5% of their profits.
  4. - the company gives 65% -75% of the spread (commission), depending on the turnover of funds when trading with attracted referrals.

Unlike economic games, Forex brokers have been operating for decades. In search of quick money, people also invest huge amounts, so even a small percentage of deductions allows you to collect a decent income. Plus, they have the best promotional materials (some are ready to create unique promotions for partners).

10 types of affiliate programs for making money

TOP aggregators of partner programs

Affiliate networks are interesting because they have many different offers. Even if you have several projects with different target audiences, you do not have to use various affiliate programs. You simply connect to suitable offers and start advertising goods, services, and services.

Look for suitable offers on these aggregators:

  1. - almost 300 offers, with fixed payment or interest. Affiliate offers are easy to find for any target audience.
  2. - the only aggregator without an affiliate program. There are many exclusive offers, provide personal manager and analyst advanced.
  3. - almost 700 offers have already been added to the aggregator. From the main advantages - early payments every hour, round-the-clock support and many new offers.
  4. - from this list, it is the only foreign aggregator. Offers are not like in other networks, with the income of partners 5% comes, payments 2 times a month.
  5. - a partner network with a large assortment. It is advisable to use the site for earnings, in their blog a lot of useful information for a beginner.

Aggregators are used not only by site owners. Video bloggers advertise products, various services are offered through groups in social networks. The most important thing is to choose the right offer for the target audience . The proposal should interest as many people as possible who saw the advertisement.

10 types of affiliate programs for making money

Financial Affiliate Programs

Professionals always recommend joining the financial theme. Create blogs about it, open groups in social networks. According to statistics, financial articles on the copywriting exchanges are in great demand. This is not surprising, since the partnership programs in this niche bring substantial rewards:

  1. - a credit organization on the Internet, is ready to pay the partner 800 rubles for each invited user who has received an online loan .
  2. - offer online loans to foreigners and get from 16% to 20% from this affiliate program. Traffic is only accepted from the Czech Republic, Spain and Poland.
  3. - credits are also provided here, but only to Webmoney users. From the profit in the form of interest on the loan, partners pay 10%.
  4. - a profitable investment project. There are already 8 levels of referrals with the maximum deductions of 10%.

Finding users on the Internet who are ready to take out a loan or invest money is not so easy. All this causes suspicion, and modern people are afraid of scammers on the Internet. Therefore, it is necessary to prove to them the honesty of all systems and find those who really will be interested.

10 types of affiliate programs for making money

Affiliate programs for making money on referrals

By building referral networks on various websites, you can refuse to work at all. Users work, and the system pays a percentage to the partner. Considering that the invited participant can remain forever in the service, deductions will come from him for a long time. Recruit teams of active workers on the best sites:

  1. is a paid freelance market, in which performers and advertisers pay for access to different sections. With the money spent comes 25% throughout the year.
  2. - the service of earnings on entering captcha, a paradise for a beginner. Look for artists or advertisers, the system gives 10% from both costs and income.
  3. - on the site users earn money by answering questions and asking them. From the money earned by the referral, you get 10%.
  4. Socpublic - the maximum deductions in this book are 60%. But this is only from the first line, the second level brings a maximum of 10%, the third 5%.
  5. - many small tasks and commenting instructions are offered to performers. Invite them and get 10% of the income of the system.

When searching for referrals, you should try not to collect as many registrations as possible, but to find people who really want to work on the Internet. One active referral is better than a dozen inactive.Offer people your help, answer questions, if possible, give bonuses (on some sites, special functions have been created for this).

10 types of affiliate programs for making money

Commodity Affiliate Programs

Selling via the Internet seems so simple, because you can easily get in touch with at least a thousand people. In fact, there are so many advertisements on the web that spammers are already tired of everything. Therefore, you need to look for clever ways to offer goods. For example, make a video review of interesting products or advise it in a useful article.

To get a percentage of sales, select products through these affiliate programs:

  1. - the Aliexpress store service, through which partners earn from 8. 5% from each sales. When you increase the total amount of purchases, the percentage increases.
  2. - a bunch of different goods from the body shops. Partners give up to 20% of the sale. Many promotional materials and consultation with experts.
  3. - here you can take an affiliate link for selling information products (video courses, e-books). For each product a fixed reward.
  4. - conditions as in the previous case, different remuneration for the sale of information products. The choice is huge, money comes from sales of referrals too.
  5. - a large online store of various fashion accessories. Partners give 35% of sales, there are detailed statistics and various marketing tools.

When choosing products that you will offer to Internet users, be careful. Not all offers will interest a large audience. It is better to choose something trendy and interesting, albeit with a small reward. In this case, a large amount of the amount of sales is collected.

10 types of affiliate programs for making money

Other profitable partner programs

Cooperation offered by many other companies. We need to consider as many options as possible to find interesting offers and find the most favorable conditions for ourselves. Do you have your own website or not yet, you can make money on advertising and attracting people with these sites:

  1. - invite models, viewers and partners to the erotic chat system. You will receive money for registration, for expenses and income referrals.
  2. - the company releases real books, adding photos of the children of their clients to them. Partners pay 15% of orders.
  3. is a serious service offering online support for site owners. With the payment of services, partners are given a percentage, on average, 2500 r. with one payment.
  4. - the service offers its browser plugin to help Aliexpress buyers. If it is installed on your ref. link, get 50 cents.
  5. - to increase the popularity, the dating site offers 35 rubles for each registered questionnaire (+ additional fees).

Nobody forbids working with all affiliate programs at once. Using my blog, I advertise various products, services, services and much more. This allows you to earn income from all affiliate programs on this page. Without a site to work in this niche is much more difficult, but only if there is no money for investments.

Do you want to receive small payments for a long time? Use affiliate programs payment systems. Such companies will not close, but the percentage of contributions to them is not the highest.

A full-fledged business has already been built on the Internet on affiliate programs for some users. Still, cooperating with different companies is so beneficial. The main thing is to create sites or figure out how to get traffic in order to attract as many customers as possible.

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