10 tips on promoting on YouTube

The YouTube channel, as a platform for making money, is no worse than the Vkontakte group or even the blog, and in a sense it is better.

No money is needed to create it, videos can be recorded without restrictions, plus all this, popularity video hosting is growing and it is used by more and more people.

If starting a channel is not hard, not everyone can unleash it. This article contains 10 tips to promote on YouTube, without which you just can not beat the main competitors.

Become a professional, because here it is important not only to add high-quality videos, but to do it all right.

10 tips on promoting on YouTube

How to promote a YouTube channel?

In this case there are many subtleties, without taking them into account, you simply give your competitors the first positions in search results. In addition, you limit the traffic that could receive from search engines and other large resources.

In order not to step on a rake that thousands of newbies have already gone through, consider these recommendations:

  1. Before adding each video, you need to come up with interesting and catchy titles. They must have keywords (inquiries that are most often used by ordinary people). You can view them using statistics or in the search hints on the video hosting:
  2. 10 tips on promoting on YouTube
  3. Video description, this is the best opportunity to bring it to the first positions. Search engines can not see the video, but they can study the text on the page. Add descriptions to each video, you can make a transcription or add a small announcement, as long as there are keywords as well.
  4. The position of a video on YouTube depends on many factors, including the number of views, likes, comments and the duration of the view. To improve all indicators with minimal costs, use the Wmmail service. On it for 1-3 cents, you can order anything, even adding a video to VK pages.
  5. You can collect views in another effective way - distributing videos on thousands of sites. Choose any forums, social networks and many other resources where you can insert video. First of all, share the video through your social network profiles:
  6. 10 tips on promoting on YouTube
  7. Design your channel, add a beautiful background, set up playlists, add a promotional video, use the channel description, and so on . Not many people use it, but it is better to make a screensaver for a YouTube video, it attracts attention and you can also place keywords on it.
  8. If you notice that a video is gaining popularity and gets a huge number of views, analyze what it is connected with. Also use it for promotion of other videos, it can be done in various ways, starting with annotations, ending with links in the descriptions.
  9. When there is a start-up capital, it is even easier to promote. To do this, you can order advertising channel and individual videos. Especially for this service was even created. This is a network of video advertising, where the payment is made for the views, add your videos and they will appear on hundreds of sites.
  10. Do not be lazy to add links to your videos in the comments. Now not many site owners record videos for each post, and this can be used. Just add a comment with a link and invite readers to watch the video tutorial.
  11. Make connections with other video bloggers to share ads. To do this, use the section "Interesting channels" or simply insert a promo screensaver in the videos. If the channels are close in subject matter, then you can be sure of a rapid increase in the audience of subscribers.
  12. 10 tips on promoting on YouTube
  13. New channels are much more difficult to promote, because you first need to cause a stir and something to hook the audience. A great way to do this is to hold a contest and play themed prizes. Unleash the imagination, creative contests attract more attention.

Only well-promoted channels can bring tangible profits. When you have thousands of subscribers and tens of thousands of views, you can try making money on affiliate programs through YouTube.

Regardless of the theme of the site, you will definitely find something suitable and be able to profitably convert traffic .

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