10 tips on how to become creative

When listing their human qualities, many people say "I am creative."

In fact, they don’t even understand the meaning of this word, therefore, there’s nothing creative in their lives present. You should not assume that this is an innate skill, it can be acquired over time, this requires the right approach.

How to become creative? First of all, it is worth understanding the definition of the word creativity - these are certain abilities of a person, characterizing his willingness to generate new ideas and find fresh solutions to take action. Actions of a creative person are different from traditional ones.

10 tips on how to become creative

Ignore everyone and become creative

According to the explanation of the American psychologist Abraham Maslow, creativity is the creative ability that everyone has, but most lose it because of society . Not many are willing to stand out from the crowd, so they are "jamming" in themselves ideological and follow the crowd.

Want to become a creative person and become a generator of fresh ideas? Use these tips:

  1. Unleash your imagination and take enough time before taking any action. Also do not forget that you can not limit yourself to any thematic framework.
  2. Try to dream up and come up with something interesting, without thinking about the intended business at all. Then sharply recall your task and try to apply the invented in this direction.
  3. Brainstorming I used in compiling the semantic core. You can use it for any other business. Just take a piece of paper and start writing all sorts of solutions, then make a choice in favor of one of them.
  4. Sometimes, for the manifestation of creative enough to tune in to the desired wave. If you consider yourself a creative person, then you should have some kind of creative hobby. Start them when you need to come up with new ideas.
  5. The location of your location also depends a lot. Try to change it, go to the cafe, to the forest, to the playground. Insight may come to you at any time, but remember that you need to look at familiar things from a different perspective.
  6. When once again you have to come up with a non-standard solution, throw away all the templates and consider only alternatives. Inspiration can be sought and not alone, gradually developing creativity within themselves.
  7. Do not be afraid to seem strange to people , because it is the selection from the gray mass that distinguishes the creative person. Feel free to realize all your ideas, you will cause emotions, and this is the most important thing.
  8. Look on the Internet for all sorts of tests for creativity, there are a lot of them. Some of them are needed just for testing, some help to start thinking differently.
  9. Get new emotions from fresh sensations. Look at what you never looked. Try those dishes that have never been ordered. This will add to your personal base of sensations and ideas for creativity.
  10. Finding inspiration is hard, but everyone has their own objects to help them come up with something new. If you work at a computer (like most Workion readers), place inspiration in front of you.

A creative person needs to learn to think in areas that ordinary people rarely move to. Want an example? Try to guess the riddle - the girl lacked 9 coins for a chocolate bar, and the boy lacked one coin. They decided to throw off, but they still did not have enough.

How much did the chocolate bar cost? A person with patterned thoughts and views is unlikely to guess, and the correct answer is nine coins (the girl had no money at all). Would you have guessed it? So you are a creative person.

10 tips on how to become creative

For a couple of days, changing yourself and standing out from society will not work out exactly, you need to constantly work on creativity. Do not forget to gain courage, because only people independent of public opinion can act without a pattern.

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