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Basically, basic things, but you should always remember about them. Let this small list serve you (and me) as such a reminder.

  1. Check spelling. Be sure to re-read the post before posting it, especially if it is a guest post or an article with an eye on linkbeiting. If you are not sure of the spelling of one or another word, check it in MS Word (also the spell check feature is built into WordPress).
  2. Create a backup of the blog . The implementation of this item does not require you to significant efforts. All you need is to install the WordPress Database Backup plugin, which will send you a fresh backup of the database daily to your e-mail. I already once burned on it. I had to strain tech support, mess with posts, be nervous ... Why do you need such “happiness”?
  3. Put links to old / new entries. This will significantly increase blog traffic and its position in search results. You can do this with the help of the Related Posts plug-in, which is written here, or manually, as I do (“Records by Subject” at the bottom of each post).
  4. Reply to comments. Even if your blog has become popular, do not forget to appear in the comments. If you do not have time to participate in discussions, at least answer the questions. This will increase the loyalty of readers to the blog. How to get more comments on the blog, read from Dimka.
  5. Reply to emails. Even if you send hundreds of letters a day, try to answer them. To relieve the flow of emails a little, create a small FAQ or several generic messages with answers to common questions.
  6. Approve comments in a timely manner. If you moderate comments, look in the admin panel of your blog as often as possible.
  7. Regularly check the spam folder . This applies to both blog comments and email. Quite often useful comments and letters fall into these folders.
  8. Update WordPress . Do this as soon as a new version appears. Use old versions only if you know how to protect them from vulnerabilities.
  9. Update WordPress plugins. Not all plugins work with new versions of WordPress, so in order to avoid trouble, regularly check for new versions and install them. It’s good to do this directly from the admin panel of your blog (section “Plugins”).
  10. Keep in touch with other bloggers . This is important not only at the beginning of the blog’s existence, when you need to get started, but also in throughout its existence. It does not have to be correspondence or phone calls. Blog comments, links, references in articles - all this lays the foundation of the relationship, which can be repelled in the future.

The post is written based on the article with DailyBlogTips.

p. But the drawing of the Roman numeral 10 for this post is I didn’t find 2


On the wave of protest against bloggers, he set out to solve this problem on his blog and, according to Taras’s recommendations, installed a Lucia's Linky Love plugin for himself. The plug-in is that the link in the commentator's name starts to appear as dofollow only after a certain number of comments. In my opinion, this is a good compromise: regular readers can easily get the number of comments (there are only three of them), and spammers will receive a return if they start writing meaningful things. Win-win 🙂


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