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10 steps to promote video on social networks - Profit Hunter Greetings from Stompernet 🙂

Not even from Stompernet, but from their comrade Jeff Johnson, who just launched a campaign to sell his goods (direct link).

So, as part of this campaign, Jeff shared with Stompernet subscribers (probably, not only with them) tips on how to promote video through social networks . These tips are universal and suitable not only for video, but also for any other type of content.

Here are these 10 steps:

1. Register multiple accounts on each social site mentioned on SocilalMarker. com. Start with 10 accounts for each site. Travel tips:

  • Open the Propeller website. com (as an example) and register 10 different accounts under different nicknames, with different email boxes, different addresses, etc.
  • Use free e-mail services such as Yahoo !, Gmail, etc.
  • Repeat the process for the rest of the bumacking and news sites listed on SocialMarker.
  • Jeff's employees claim that it takes about 15-20 minutes to register one account on all sites (depending on the connection speed). Consequently, it will take you several hours to create 10 accounts on each social site.
  • To create a new account, use the same SocialMarker. Just instead of logging in, click on the Sign Up button.
  • In order not to get lost in logins and passwords, use the Roboform program.

2. Alternate accounts each time you bookmark your new video (article, post, etc.).

  • Let's say you already have 10 Propeller accounts. com. When you want to bookmark your video (on different sites), take any three accounts and post the video in each of them. Next time, take the other three accounts and do the same.
  • DO NOT bookmark the same page from all 10 accounts. So you just hurt yourself.

3. Constantly increase the base of accounts . Every week or two, add several new accounts to get 40-50 akk on each social site.

4. IMPORTANT !!! Every time you add your own video / news / article, say, about Jessica Alba, you should add a couple of tabs about Jessica from other resources (YouTube, MySpace, Digg, news sites, etc.). This will increase the credibility of your accounts. If you do not do this, you will be accepted as a spammer! The line between social activity and spam is very thin, and you in no case should not overstep for it.

5. Bookmark the bookmarks themselves . Let's say you filmed a video, uploaded it to YouTube and inserted a video into your blog. So you need to bookmark not only on a post in your blog, but also on the page with your video on YouTube. The same goes for other social sites. Your goal is to capture the issue on the exact request. This technique helps to achieve this goal.

6. Stretch the socialization of video (posts, articles) in time . Put a few bookmarks today, a few after a week, a few more after a month. Your long-term success depends on it.

7. In tags to bookmarks, specify keywords / phrases for which you want to go to the top of the issue . As a rule, these will be narrow-spoken long phrases, for example, casio exlim ex-z1080 digital camera . In addition, specify a few more general key phrases, such as: digital camera , casio camera , casio exlim , etc.

eight. Create a video as often as possible and upload it to as many sites as possible. For video distribution, use services like TrafficGeyser or HeySpread. They speed up the posting process. Pages with your YouTube or Blip video. tv will hold out in the issuance longer than bookmarks on social sites. Do not forget to bookmark these videos (item number 5).

9. When promoting videos, do not limit yourself to social bookmarking . Use everything you know and know how: inbound links, article marketing, press releases, SEO, etc.

10. And, finally, do not bookmark all, without exception, videos, posts and notes . Sift out insignificant material in order to direct all “social” power to really important information.

Frankly, this list, especially its first points, has puzzled me a little. If such “white and fluffy” guys recommend singing in social programs for multiple accounts, then this is not such a black method. Although I would advise you to use a proxy for this, because the topic is quite widespread, and the social network policies regarding new accounts can become more stringent (think Stompernet’s lesson about Web 2. 0 and Scribd’s reaction).

The post was published as part of Anton Popov’s Social Media Marketing contest. The source of the article is Stompernet e-mail.

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