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Everyone wants to know how to move in any keyword (including HF) using SEO. Jeffrey Smith decided to summarize the ways in which leading SEO companies easily cope with this task. Despite the fact that the article has quite a high water content, I learned a few useful things for myself.

Fundamental tactics for link building are literate copywriting, the weight of the links and the variety of their anchors; and your page will just fly up if you successfully master them.

Each word or phrase has the potential necessary for a search engine to notice it. Depending on how well you are able to prioritize the structure and text, which are used as SEO factors on the page, and how successfully you can combine these factors with off-page factors, your final result depends.

Relevance - the basis for search engines; if not, then you have to practice improving the quality of articles. Quality content is the key to recognition. However, the leverage system and structure provide a foundation for clarifying and building an empire of keywords.

Depending on how clearly you imagine, how the creation of your page or site’s reputation differs from just creating a certain number of links, it will depend on which keywords you will hunt and why. Using only one page, instead of creating one more extra, is a typical mistake that instantly reduces your relevance.

Short-term SEO tactics (for example, trying to increase relevance) are short-sighted and work more likely not for, but against you, for long-term use.

For a search bot, your page is just a set of links and words. However, your ability to logically and consistently link all components (using the choice of words, the similarity of backlinks, constantly repeated headings, descriptions, hl-tags and the theme of the page) depends on the weight of links, thematic integrity and distribution of places in the ranking.

You will notice that the websites that occupy the top places in the SERP for the right keywords have achieved this thanks to the loyalty of a number of principles. These principles are based on metrics created by engineers who followed certain guidelines.

Here, for example, some of the techniques used to get keywords:
• The concentration of external links and the concentration of absolute internal links
• A high percentage of deep links (links to subpages from external sites, instead of dominating the home page)
• Thematic links - use back links from page A to page B from all relevant pages of the site to create a thematic link pool. This tactic is used by Wikipedia.
• Numerous thematic pages on any of the topics (we earn status)
• High density of keywords (we try to bypass pages where their use is much less)
• High relevant headings (using dynamically generated pages with their corresponding headings and minor changes in description tags)
• Using meta tags, such as No Index, Follow (hide pages that can compete with your main pages, which advance along the same keyword) useful for sitema p'ov. (I think this is a very controversial method).
• Concentration of 301 redirections to landing pages
• Use of site maps
• Processing of key phrases with many modifiers when creating content

The location of keywords depends on A number of factors - the competitiveness of a keyword or phrase, how well you can get and defend your position, which of the sites have earned trust and authority, and a number of other indicators. The most underrated SEO factor is time; it, like wine, requires restraint.

In conclusion, let's say that in order to achieve high positions in the SERP by keywords you need insight, planning, a gradual increase in the number of links, an increase in the density or thematic relevance of a keyword (re-using links, additional material or thematic links ), as well as a clearly structured site architecture and code (to make sure that the pages are indexed).

And, from this moment on, everything else depends on relevance. Therefore, if your site lacks it, it's time to fix it. And, despite the fact that in this article, Jeffrey Smith went through the tactics rather superficially, you should have a general idea of ​​the variety of methods designed to achieve the same goal - to get into the top ten.

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