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The author of the post is Denis Golovach, a leading blog SEO in Russian and a Blog about design.

Before you sit down and write a good guest post, try to explore the site where you want to see your article. Try to understand what visitors of this site need and what you can give useful. The following 10 rules will help you make the guest post as efficient as possible.

  1. The topic of your article must correspond to at least one section on the site. It will not be very good if the author of the blog “shoves” your work in the “Miscellaneous” section. They will never find him there. Posts from this section live until other, new posts move them.
  2. Try to maintain the style of the article in the same vein as all the notes of the author of the site. The author of the blog will not post your post if it looks like a black sheep on its website.
  3. Try to write no more than 200-250 words in your guest post. Too large text is difficult to read and not many will read it until the end, and a short text will look unreliable and not very informative.
  4. It will be very good if you write your guest post without grammatical errors and typos. The author of the blog, of course, can check it out. In any case, once he read it accurately, but if an error crept into the text, the sediment will remain =)
  5. It will be a big plus for you if your text is divided into items: 1,2,3, etc. p. Psychologically, it is much easier to assimilate such information; moreover, structured text is easier to read.
  6. Highlight every thought in a paragraph, no more than 5-10 lines, otherwise no one will read your post. Think about how much text you need to get 5 lines on the site, where your article will be.
  7. Now for content. Do not try to "push out" your website to the forefront, the article should not be about your wonderful resource, not for this the author of the blog takes your post. If there is one link to the site at the beginning of your post - that is enough, believe me.
  8. Write about what is really interesting to the reader and can be really useful. The ideal option would be a viral post on a popular blog, but this happens very rarely and you shouldn’t count on it.
  9. Do not try to rewrite someone else’s text. or later it turns out, and instead of a guest post you will get only negative reviews.
  10. Do not publish a guest post on your blog, this post must be unique.


p. pp. on my own: Guest posts are quite common in a burzhuneta, which is understandable: this is one of the most reliable ways to get a link from a popular PR website (guest posts are published by Problogger, BlueHatSeo, SugarRae and other well-known SEO bloggers and foreign bloggers). This is especially good promotion method works for novice bloggers.

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