10 rules for making big money on YouTube

The number of video bloggers has grown substantially over the past year, only not every one of them succeeds in reaching a stable and large salary.

Channels are monetized in various ways, but most often they merge with the total mass, and good money comes only to those who can work with video hosting.

We have compiled 10 rules for making a lot of money on YouTube, which will definitely be useful for novice video bloggers.

It is possible that experienced YouTubeters will be able to draw useful information, because modifying the channel is much easier than starting from scratch. If you want the video hosting to bring decent money, you have to take into account all the details.

10 rules for making big money on YouTube

How to make a lot of money on YouTube?

It’s not hard to find information on the Internet about how much top-level video hosters get. Many openly publish their statistics, but it displays only profit from an affiliate program:

10 rules for making big money on YouTube

Naturally for a decent income you will need your own channel . No additional method brings good profit, but before starting the channel, you should think about its subject matter.

This is already one of the items we want to talk about, so let's go straight to the list:

  1. The subject of the channel plays a crucial role, since It depends on the cost of a click on advertising. For example, in the financial niche rates are much higher than in the entertainment sector. In addition, you need to come up with fresh ideas to interest a large audience. Nothing comes to mind? See 4 ideas for the YouTube channel.
  2. Number of subscribers - newcomers are focusing on it, but in the future this indicator is not the most important. The main thing is to have as many views as possible, and the volume of subscribers can be useful, except to attract the attention of direct advertisers.
  3. Video Optimization - more views get videos that take first place in the search. In addition to internal search, you need to consider the benefits of search engines. There are 9 rules for optimizing videos for YouTube that help professionals promote their content.
  4. Direct advertisers - you can get much more money from them than from affiliate programs. The video blogger needs to be not only a creative person, but also competent entrepreneurs. We'll have to constantly look for advertisers and offer them favorable terms.
  5. Behavioral factors are the most important factor. What does it matter how many subscribers you have, if the video does not collect views or they last for 10 seconds. It is necessary to somehow lure viewers or use cheat, it also affects the position of videos in the search.
  6. Interesting videos - monotonous videos are fed up with order, and many video bloggers don’t even try to think of something fresh. See what videos to shoot for YouTube, choose different formats, try to combine them and be sure to diversify the content.
  7. Advertising delivery - if an advertisement is not effective, no one will order it. Sometimes it is enough to find only one advertiser who will pay stably. To find it, invent interesting ways to tell your viewers about a product or service.
  8. Popularity of the author - helps to attract subscribers and collect maximum views. Video bloggers often invite famous people, they know how profitable it is. But it’s better to become a YouTube star yourself for a fee, and then agree to share shows with other people.
  9. Experiments with advertising - when a channel is monetized through affiliate programs, it makes sense to try to present products in different formats. Try to share information in videos, add banners, embed them in the topic of the video and so on. Do not forget to try different types of goods.
  10. Channel design - a beautiful main page, thumbnails for each video, avatar and a lot of other small things in the complex become an important factor. In one of our articles was told how to make a screensaver for YouTube videos. Be sure to use this.

It’s really not easy to become a popular video blogger, but you have to strive for this, because the money is not small there.

Plus, development in this direction has serious prospects. Over time, many YouTubeists achieved enormous popularity and switched to television.

10 rules for making big money on YouTube

The path to success with the YouTube channel is thorny, look for the strength to overcome all barriers. If you work hard and unleash the site, it will bring 100% profit.

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