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Search engines are considered the most popular sites on the Internet. This is not surprising, because to find something in the network, you first have to use search services.

There are quite a few of them and not even experienced Internet users know at least 2-3 search engines.

What are search engines? Someone knows about a single search engine, some know about 10 search services, but in fact they are much more.

Of course, their popularity is different, as is the interface, and the quality of the results. We will present you a list of different search engines so that you can compare them.

10 popular search engines | Workion. ru

Popular search engines

Search services have been developed for various categories of people. The most famous cover countries or even the whole world, and the less well-known are designed for regions or user interests.

Below are 10 search engines that you must be aware of:

  1. - everyone knows about this search engine, it is the most popular in Russia and provides wide functionality for its users (starting with electronic payments, ending with a panel for webmasters).
  2. - the leader among all sites in the world. It is used by people from all countries and is considered the highest quality search engine. As on Yandex, customers are offered many additional tools.
  3. - search and information system, taking into account the Russian-language morphology. The site has several separate versions, for example, XRambler, through which you can search in several services at once.
  4. - abroad, this system has tremendous popularity. It has long been translated into Russian, but did not receive much fame on the Runet. Users can use a different search (by pictures, videos, etc.).
  5. - a company known in RuNet that is engaged in development in several directions at once. In addition to their own search engine and the most popular mail service, they are owners of such projects as Odnoklassniki and Vkontakte.
  6. - was created as a state resource in Russia, but did not receive mass distribution. Through it you can conduct different search formats, as well as receive useful information.
  7. - designed to find information in the Chinese segment of the Internet. Who knows, maybe it will be useful to you. You can receive news, search for pictures, music, receive maps and much more.
  8. - the project of a well-known company Microsoft. In terms of traffic, this site ranks second in the global ranking of search engines. It has been working since 1998 and during this time it has been modernized many times.
  9. - Only foreigners use this service. The project is American and in addition to the search engine, the company has a lot of other sites and services. It is worth noting that they have the largest directory of links to the websites of the world wide web.

If you cannot find information in one of the search engines, then why not search for it through another site? Now you have several quality resources and you will definitely find what you need.

What is the best search engine? I advise you to use Yandex and Google, they do not just earn their reputation.

Now you know what search engines are on the Internet and can use them for various purposes. Ten large resources are enough to find anything on the Internet.

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