10 of the world's highest paid bloggers - Profit Hunter

Want to know which blogger is the richest of all?

  1. Marcus Frind. Marcus is the owner of PlentyOfFish, and makes more than $ 3 million a year. How do we know? He himself said.
  2. Kato Leonard. Kato earns more than one million dollars, according to USA Today. I believe.
  3. Jason Calacanis. Jason is another millionaire blogger. Ask google.
  4. Tim Carter. Tim is mostly known for his AskTheBuilder, which brings in more than $ 500,000 a year to AdSense alone.
  5. Rosalind Gardner. Rosalind Gardner is a affiliate marketing diva who makes about $ 500,000 a year on her many projects. And do not hesitate to talk about it.
  6. Steve Peacock. Steve is a well-known guru for those who want to become self-sufficient, who unsuccessfully tried to develop games, but thanks to the semi-esoteric pop psychological “let's just love everyone” style, achieved success in blogging. Income ($ 40,000 per month) brings only ... (( read more ...)

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