10 habits of successful bloggers - Profit Hunter

10 habits of successful bloggers - Profit Hunter

The Runet blogosphere is growing and developing. The SEO and manicayer sector does not care for the back and it is already possible to highlight its leaders in it: Maul, Dimok, Sergey Zhukovsky, Kass, Unique person, Artem Mainas, Copernicus ...

A unique person already openly calls blogging work and can not but rejoice - it means that the blog from this will only get better. (By the way, he wrote it under the impression of the Copernican article, which I also recommend reading to anyone who wants to succeed in the field of blogging) Others do not do this yet (or maybe I missed something), but this does not interfere they almost daily post to their blogs and thus prove that a blog for them is not only a hobby, but also something else.

Continuing this topic, I post a translation of the article “10 habits of successful bloggers” from the North x East website. The article lists only those qualities and habits of successful bloggers that many of us may lack. Such things as writing quality content, omitted, because each of us is trying to do this.

So, what do successful bloggers do that makes them successful (sorry for tautology 🙂)?

1. They effectively use e-mail.

If you once corresponded with a successful blogger (or an Internet prep Inimitant), you probably noticed that they set out thoughts briefly and to the point. They have developed this skill out of necessity, because they have to answer dozens or even hundreds of letters every day. Only in this way can they save their time.

2. They collaborate with top users of social networks.

You never noticed that notes from successful bloggers regularly appear in the top of Digg, Del. Icio. Us or StumbleUpon (in RuNet, Maul manages to combine business with pleasure News2. ru). Of course, some of the news goes to the main pages of social networks due to its quality, but the other part is displayed by top users, with whom bloggers have strong and mutually beneficial relationships. Ordinary bloggers often overlook the benefits that such cooperation can bring.

If you do not yet have anything to offer to top social network users, create your own network of friends from regular users. Sometimes it helps to achieve the same effect.

3. They regularly write notes to the blog.

Successful bloggers disappear from view only in the most extreme situations. But in these cases, they are trying to find authors who will post material on the blog during their absence. This speaks not only of their perseverance and constancy, but also of respect for the readers. Bloggers understand that they expect new useful articles and messages from them, and that they will let them down badly if they allow themselves to relax for a couple of weeks.

4. They have several sources of income.

Most successful bloggers make money from their blogs. Since their income is high enough, they try to protect it by diversifying their sources of profit. Many bloggers (including RuNet) write books or create courses on earnings on the Internet or promote their services. Even if at the moment you are not making a lot of money from a blog, in the future it is quite possible, so the sooner you start looking for additional channels of earnings, the safer will be your financial future.

5. They actively use outsourcing.

Let not everyone, but very many successful bloggers hire people to do some work on the blog: moderated comments, wrote articles, parsed e-mails, solved technical and administrative issues. As a result, they have enough time and energy to perform more important (including financially) tasks.

If you do not have the money to hire another person, offer the contractor an exchange - his services for yours. You can moderate a forum in exchange for writing articles or writing articles in exchange for a link from a popular blog.

6. They know when to loosen control.

Many successful blogs have a team of authors who regularly publish their articles there. Most ordinary bloggers are afraid to give control over their offspring in the wrong hands. As a rule, they are afraid that a third-party author will not be able to write quality material. On the other hand, successful bloggers try to find sensible authors and give them some leeway, which, again, frees them a lot of time.

If you have never practiced this approach, you should try. Even if the article of the invited author is not good enough, you can always ask him to modify the material or even refuse his services.

7. They care about the design and usability of the blog.

Of course, this does not apply to everyone, but for the most part successful bloggers do not spare money for blog design. They understand the importance of first impression and are working to promote their brand.If now you can not afford to order a good design, find a nice free theme, the benefit of such now in bulk. (By the way, SEO Critic recently came across 100 cute WordPress themes. Very good selection.)

8. They know how and when to say no.

Successful bloggers constantly receive letters with questions, requests and suggestions. If they answered everything and helped everyone, they simply would not have enough time for anything else The ability to say "no" to them, too, has developed from necessity.

If your blog does not have so many readers to afford to lose at least one of them, you can be afraid to refuse the request. However, if the case does not represent any benefit to you, you should not do it. If your refusal is polite and justified, the reader will not be offended at all.

9. Despite their success, they behave quite modestly.

High counters on a blog can turn anyone’s head. However, one must be very careful here. Bloggers suffering from delusions of grandeur, very quickly lose their popularity. Never put yourself above your readers, because you owe your (future) success to them.

10. They respond adequately to criticism.

One of the immutable laws of blogging is: “The more popular you become, the more opponents you have” (even if your blog is dedicated to carpentry, pig breeding or fishing for sunbeams). Show your website 10,000 people and among them there is someone who will try to knock the ground out from under your feet.

Successful bloggers are not accustomed to criticism and even threats. That is why they are able to adequately respond to unflattering words addressed to themselves and take care of personal data security .

If the blog (s) is for you Visually earning on the Internet, I advise you to listen to these tips.

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