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A huge number of people have become rich in investments, and all those who have not yet had time to invest somewhere and receive income from assets should learn.

You can find interesting websites, read e-books, sign up for trainings and even buy training courses, but everything it's not as interesting as watching movies.

In this article we have collected the best films for the investor, which are worth seeing for people who want to learn how to profitably invest their money.

It’s quite realistic to turn $ 200 into millions, however, it’s impossible to achieve this in a day, but gradually you can come to this, while at the same time engaging in self-development.

10 films for the investor | Workion. ru

Investment films

Watching these movies, try to draw some conclusions for yourself and learn from the experience of the main characters:

  1. A wolf from Wall Street - everyone should remember that when receiving something in life, you need to give something away. This picture will tell about life for the sake of money, but at the expense of a comedy story, its three-hour viewing will be fascinating for you. Capitalism, money and business - these are the main components of the film.
  2. Good year - the film should be watched by anyone who constantly thinks only about money. The main character successfully develops his trading career, but he has other problems. Maybe money is important in life, but close ones, impressions, joys, memories are much more important.
  3. They smoke here - in order to succeed, it is often necessary to go to their heads and promote new trends in society. In the film, the main character promotes smoking, he is hated by many people. Despite this, he successfully copes with work and succeeds. Investors should learn from him clever tricks.
  4. The realm of darkness is an interesting film about how a loser got everything he wanted in life, but paid for it. The main character has found miracle pills that expand his capabilities (brain) and began to actively use it. The lesson from this film can be brought useful - the medal always has a downside.
  5. In the pursuit of happiness - an ideal picture for a novice investor. The main character has to go through serious difficulties in order to get a good job. He becomes a beggar, spends the night in shelters with his son, but continues to do business and eventually gets what he was headed for.
  6. Bankruptcy - life was a success for the protagonist of this film, he came up with a good trading scheme and earned tremendous wealth, however, this greatly changed it. It is no secret that money changes people, and after viewing this picture, each investor will think about his behavior.
  7. A social network is a fairly well-known picture that reveals the story of the enrichment of Mark Zuckerberg (the creator of Facebook). The film is interesting and based on real events. Mark achieved success from scratch, his idea brought a lot of money, but not everyone knows what he had to go through and what to give up.
  8. Risk limit - the film tells about people who made serious decisions in order to save the country from the financial crisis. They didn’t manage to do this, but the plot is very interesting and there are many moments that should be taken into account by all whose activities are related to cash contributions.
  9. Insiders is the only documentary film on our list that was made about the 2008 world crisis. The picture is composed of numerous passages, explanations and expert opinions. Looking at it, you will understand what happens if the economy is not controlled, and also understand the common mistakes of investors.
  10. Too cool to fail is another picture of the 2008 crisis, which presents a clear example of how a serious mistake can lead to huge problems. Investors definitely have something to learn from , and the picture was taken on the basis of a documentary.
10 films for the investor | Workion. ru

You can develop in different ways , watching interesting films is also a kind of increase in education.

If your dreams are closely related to profitable deposits, we recommend that you study the 10 rules of a successful investor. Continue to develop, having gained useful knowledge, it will be easier for you to achieve results.

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